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   Chapter 671 A Pair Of Silver Bracelets

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6856

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Holley looked up and smiled at Mr. Peter.

"It's me."

She said calmly.

His bright eyes reminded Peter the woman who has dead.

After a moment of sobs, Mr. Peter opened his mouth again. "I heard that I was seriously injured before. Thanks to the Generalissimo and you for visiting me several times. Although I don't remember what happened, I really thank the Generalissimo and you."

Maybe it was not that sincere to say thank the Generalissimo.

But it was true to say thank you to Holley.

When he was injured and bleeding, he had to fear all the way to the place where his mother lived. He wanted to ask for help and survive because he knew the existence of Holley and knew she was his biological daughter.

That was the faith, which supported Peter to survive in trouble.

He wanted to find her daughter and make up for her.

He wanted to fulfill his responsibility as a father and would never allow anyone to hurt his daughter.

Without knowing the existence of Holley, Peter believed that he couldn't survive that rainy night.

"I didn't do anything. It's all the Generalissimo's idea."

Holley stood up and waved her hand.

She really didn't do anything. The only truth she knew couldn't be told. She felt that she couldn't deserve the word "thank you".

Peter didn't think so.

He took out a very precious box from his arms, afraid of falling dust. Before handing it to Holley, he carefully brushed the dust away.

"You must have heard about my life in the past years. I'm a person without anything valuable. But I have to thank you for saving my life, so this is for you. "

He handed the box to her.

Holley didn't take it.

She thought she couldn't accept the gift.

"Stop pretending."

Ivy rolled his eyes at Holley and said, "Take the gift my father gave you. Otherwise, why did you come here today? Didn't you come here to receive our family's gratitude and gifts?"

Peter turned around and shook his head to Ivy, but said nothing.

Then he turned to look at Holley and said, "Take it. You dese

as a fake, he didn't give the bracelets to her when she entered the house.

Now that his eldest son gave the bracelet to Holley, everything was clear.

Holley was his daughter.

No wonder at the first time they met, she had a good impression of this girl whose surname was the same as her family. She always thought that she was more pleasing than Ivy.

It turned out that she was really a member of Ye family, her lost granddaughter.

Old Lady Ye understood her eldest son's plan more and more.

He pretended to have forgotten everything, but he was using his actions to tell his brother that he remembered everything.

He knew who was his biological daughter and naturally knew who had hurt him.

This was an opportunity.

If Peek and his son chose to harm Peter again, they would give up the opportunity, and the Ye family could only give up on them.

If Peek and his son chose to be family members this time, all the previous things could be cancelled. This was Peter's confidence and demeanor as an eldest brother.

"Do you like it?"

Peter asked softly.

Holley came to her senses and smiled at him, "Thank you. I like it very much. May I know the origin of these bracelets?"

Peter didn't refuse. He was willing to say, "This is the belongings of my former wife. It's very important to me, so it's for someone very important to me."

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