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   Chapter 670 Piss You Off

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The more she thought about it, the more worried she felt.

Jane summoned up her courage and called the Generalissimo.

When the phone was connected, she tried to pretend to be humble and said in a very low voice, "Generalissimo, I heard from Holley that she will attend the banquet of Ye family on behalf of you tonight."

"It's true."

The Generalissimo said.

Obviously, he was waiting for Jane to finish her words.

Jane meditated and expressed her point of view in a very euphemistic way. "I heard that the reason why you asked Holley to attend the banquet on your behalf is that you have a state banquet tonight. I know that you never have the habit of holding a state banquet at night, so I want to ask you if you have any other purpose to let Holley attend the banquet tonight and if you need me to do anything to cooperate with you."

"I just want to frighten Peek and his son. They are too peace. They didn't mess with me at all, which made me very unhappy."

The Generalissimo didn't hide his purpose. "Jane, you are so thoughtful. In that case, please do me a favor."

"Yes, sir."

"Find an opportunity to let Holley and Peter have a private contact in the full view of the public."

Jane nodded in agreement.

In fact, it was enough for Jane to understand what the leader meant and she accepted the order. The rest was to guarantee that she would complete the task.

But for the sake of Holley, Jane made an exception and asked, "Generalissimo, are you going to attack Ye family? I'm afraid that if I don't know the truth so that I will ruin your plan."

"Jane, have you forgotten my rules? You don't have to ask so many questions. You can do what I ask you to do. As for what you want to know, you will know when there is a result."

The Generalissimo's voice became harsh.

This was a disguised warning.

Jane didn't dare to ask more, so she had to say yes.

As soon as she hung up the phone, H

lley off.

Although Holley didn't know that she was Peter's biological daughter.

But she knew that Ivy was a fake.

So today, Ivy decided to show off their kinship in front of Holley.

She must piss Holley off and see if she dares to expose her identity.

Grabbing the hem of Peter's clothes, Ivy whispered in a spoiled manner, "Dad, when you were in trouble, the daughter of the Generalissimo often bullied me. I'm really afraid of her. What should I do?"

She said pitifully and fell into Peter's arms.

Holley's eyes were burning.

Holley felt that she would be blind.

She knew that Ivy and Peter were not biological father and daughter, so they were not related by blood.

Ivy's behavior was no different from throwing herself at others.

Holley turned her head away.

Peter pushed Ivy away with a smile, "Watch your words and deeds."

Then he stood up and came to Holley.

"Are you Holley, right?"

Peter tried his best to control his voice so that it could be as calm as possible so that no one could hear any special emotions.

In fact, he had never lost his memory.

Everything was his plan.

Give yourself a chance, and also give his brother a chance.

Therefore, Peter was very clear that the girl in front of him was his biological daughter.

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