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   Chapter 669 Did He Plan To Take Actions

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At last, Holley yielded to it.

She began to discuss with Fabian about how to tamper with all the information and convict Ivy of death.

Holley didn't know why she was so obsessed with the matter of Mr. Peter.

She just wanted to seek justice for Mr. Peter.

Just as all the documents were about to be tampered with, Jane brought them good news.

The unconscious Mr. Peter suddenly woke up. Not only was he sober, but his body had recovered its ability to move.

Everyone thought that Mr. Peter suddenly recovered overnight.

But in fact, Mr. Peter had been awake for a long time. It took him a lot of time to recover and regain his ability to move.

When his body completely recovered, Peter stood up.

He told his mother everything that had happened.

Ye family was not surprised, because she had already guessed what her eldest son said.

She also knew how her eldest son felt.

She wanted to persuade her eldest son to give up his hatred for his younger brother and nephew.

But such a request was too selfish. Even as a mother, she had to carefully choose words to say.

Before his mother could say anything, Peter expressed his ideas first.

"Mom, I know what you are thinking and understand you. The Ye family had been run by my younger brother for so many years. Without him, the Ye family might be over. Besides, he is also your son. If I insist on killing him, you won't agree, will you?"

Old Lady Ye acquiesced in her eldest son's thought.

Peter smiled very casually. "Mom, if I am you, I will make the same choice. It's normal. I really understand you."

He meant to understand, but that didn't mean he would agree.

Old Lady Ye knew that her son meant something else.

In a room almost isolated from the outside world, Old Lady Ye held her son's hand. Then she asked, "So how can you let go of your brother and your nephew?"

"It's very simple. Let's not deal with Ivy first. I will pretend to lose my memory to forget everything and pretend to come back to Ye family as soon as I recover..."

Peter said a lot, and finally said solem

n person and hoped him to attend the banquet of Ye family. She said that Peter could survive this time and recover depending on him sending people and sending medicine.

But the Ye family's banquet was arranged so suddenly that he had an important state banquet to go, so he couldn't go. He could only send Holley to attend the banquet on behalf of him.

Holley was very reluctant, so she tried to refuse, "Let Jane go, okay?"

"I used to be on good terms with Ye family. Although we seldom contacted each other in recent years, Jane doesn't deserve to be invited by Old Lady Ye in person. Holley, you should go. Besides, Holley, you and Mr. Peter are destined to meet. I heard that you were also present in the rescue several times before. You have represented me from the very beginning. Let's work hard tonight."

The Generalissimo said reasonably, and Holley understood.

She had to go the Ye family.

She had no choice but to agree.

Jane had been with the Generalissimo since she was a child. She knew his habits very well.

The Generalissimo never held a state banquet at night.

So the reason why he didn't go to Ye family was not valid.

Did the Generalissimo plan to take actions against Ye family? So he asked Holley to go there in person.

Was he going to get Holley involved?

Looking at Holley who was busy with her make-up and clothes, Jane was worried.

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