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   Chapter 668 The Way Of Thinking In The Famous Families

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On the matter of Young Master Lei, Holley and Fabian quickly reached an agreement and formed an alliance.

They didn't hesitate to hide the matter between Young Master Lei and Ivy.

They succeeded in concealing the truth, and Jane didn't doubt them at all.

However, there was no lack of ventilation in the world, so the news about Young Master Lei and Ivy soon spread in the upper class circles of the imperial capital.

The whole thing started with the change of Ivy's identity.

The old king of the royal family, who only lived in the nobility, gave an order.

This order was to bestow the title of Princess to Ivy at the end of this month.

For a moment, Ivy became a hot topic in the streets and lanes.

Then, Ivy's previous life was exposed to the public.

Because the time when she was conferred the title of princess was same as the day Young Master Lei married the princess, only one was in the morning and the other was in the afternoon. Therefore, it was revealed that Young Master Lei was about to be engaged to Ivy.

Everyone, including the Generalissimo and a beggar in the imperial capital, knew this, not to mention Jane.

Hearing this, Jane had been worried about Young Master Lei.

After all, Ivy was a fake. Young Master Lei's choice would do him no good.

That meant Jane still had feelings for him.

As a friend, Holley could only comfort her.

She couldn't do anything else.

But to Holley's surprise, Fabian, who had promised her that he would never tell Jane that they met Young Master Lei that day, had betrayed the agreement between the two of them.

In front of Holley, Fabian told Jane about the meeting that day.

"Holley, don't hide it anymore. It will only make her more painful if you still hide it. Why don't you tell her what happened that day?"

Holley was embarrassed.

She was sold by her teammates.

Meeting Jane's stunned eyes, Holley told her what had happened that day, "After I left the Ye family with Fabian, we went to see Young Master Lei. We k

ong. Old Lady Ye not only had to stand up for her son, but also had to consider the fundamental interests of Ye family. If there was a scandal in Ye family, they would be defeated. Now Mr. Peter was still in a coma. If Mr. Peek and the future young master of Ye family were both involved in the scandal of murder, Ye family would have no heir and lose power. Moreover, they were her own flesh and blood. People at her age would definitely try their best to protect everyone. Therefore, if the news that Mr. Peter's brother took a son and a fake daughter to murder him is made public, it will only force Old Lady Ye to take the last step, to cover up all the truth, to cover up the fake, to cover up her son, and to keep the matter under control."

Fabian said firmly.

Holley admitted that the way of thinking of famous families was indeed different.

It took Holley a long time to accept this way of thinking. "So, in the end, we can only start with Ivy?"

"Yes, and we have to sort out and secretly pass on the information to Old Lady Ye. We must attribute all the charges to Ivy. In this way, Old Lady Ye will use this document."

"It's so lucky for Peek and Paul. How does Mr. Peter have heartless family?"

Holley said indignantly.

Fabian smiled, "It's normal. It is normal for the famous family to have indifferent relationship."

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