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   Chapter 667 A Perfect Match

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Holley slammed the door and left angrily.

What the hell Ivy was!

Young Master Lei even fell in love with such a woman at the first sight insisted on marrying her.

What about Jane? He was humiliating her.

Holley thought it was unworthy for Jane.

Standing aside, Fabian didn't know what to say. After a long time, he said, "Vegetables and radishes, each has its own love."

Holley raised her head and looked at Fabian, "I think your men like the same type of women. I didn't expect you to be so different..."

Embarrassed, Fabian said, "I don't know. I'm faithful. I have never loved anyone except Teresa. Besides, it was hard to say about love. Maybe he really loved Ivy. Just like my mother, she always says that I'm blind to like Teresa. I think it's about the same."

"It seems to be reasonable, but what happened to Young Master Lei has nothing to do with me. He had declared that his relationship with Jane was over and would never look back. That's enough. Isn't that why I'm here today?"

Holley said as she suddenly remembered something.

Fabian nodded approvingly. "Yes, you have achieved my goal. But have you lost your hope to cool down?"

"That's right. Young Master Lei and Ivy are a perfect match. I was pissed off by Ivy before coming her, but later by Young Master Lei. He even asked me what good I could get if I said that Ivy is a fake. Would the daughter of Mr. Peter have a higher position than the daughter of the Generalissimo? And he even asked me if I am the daughter of Mr. Peter? Do you think Young Master Lei are out of his mind?"

Holley repeated and complained Young Master Lei and Ivy.

Fabian echoed.

After complaining, Holley felt much better.

The good news came as she was in a good mood.

Jane called and said that Mr. Peter was lucky to be rescued.

In fact, when Jane heard that Mr. Peter was rescued, she cried.

She suddenly felt that God was not cruel to the man who had been tortured for half a life.

She suddenly felt relieved.

Although Jane had never told Holley who her biological f

a particularly clear light.

His breath became rapid, and his index finger trembled uncontrollably.

"Peter, what's wrong with you?"

Ye family held her son's hand worriedly.

Peter calmed down soon. He moved his index finger two times and told his mother that he was fine.

Old Lady Ye didn't think too much. She just thought that her son had just recovered from a serious illness and was still in poor health.

"Well, you just woke up. Don't think too much. We can discuss how to deal with Ivy tomorrow and you should have a good rest today. I will stay here and won't ask anyone to hurt you again. And when you are willing to announce the fact that you have woken up, you can do it. Before that, I will keep it a secret for you and won't let anyone know, including your brother."

Old Lady Ye was clear in her mind.

Although she had put all the blame on Ivy and didn't mention the manipulator behind her.

But she knew in her heart that there must be someone controlling Ivy, and they must be her younger son and grandson.

But Peter and Peek were both her sons.

She could only turn a blind eye to some things, hoping to when she got rid of Ivy, her younger son could stop. Then they still would be a family and continue to be harmonious and happy.

But she was afraid that her eldest son would be uneasy, so she specially mentioned her younger son.

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