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   Chapter 666 What Can You Get

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The princess of the royal family!

Holley looked at Young Master Lei in disbelief, "Which princess? Why don't you tell us her name?"

"That's the order of the royal family. We should keep it a secret."

Young Master Lei said sarcastically.

After saying that, he waved his hand and said, "That's enough, Holley. You have asked what you want to ask. Please go away. I don't want to see you. Today is a day for me to catch up with Fabian. You have disturbed too much. Besides, I hope you are smart enough to understand that some lies can't be told. Since I tell you that I am engaged to a princess, then she must be a princess. Otherwise, I will be humiliated in the future. As for which princess she is, you will know when we are engaged. I won't say it now, and you don't have to worry about it now."

"Besides, I won't let go of either you or Jane who ruined my engagement."

After saying that, Young Master Lei pointed at the door with his index finger and said coldly, "Please go away!"

Fabian winked at Holley, indicating her to go out first.

Holley asked and said what she should ask and what she should say.

Even if Young Master Lei begged her to stay, she wouldn't.

Without hesitation, Holley turned around and left.

After Holley left and closed the door, Fabian said, "Brother, don't be unhappy. I think you still have feelings for Jane."


Young Master Lei smiled noncommittally, "Fabian, would you like a drink?"


Fabian personally opened a glass of wine to drink. He got a lot of news which shocked him when they were drinking.

After drinking for more than three cups, Young Master Lei raised his cup again. "Fabian, promise me not to talk nonsense. Jane and I are doomed to separate for the rest of our lives. It was a good thing that Holley was willing to introduce her a new boyfriend. After all, Holley was the daughter of the president, and all the men that Ron knew were reliable. Someone should give Jane happiness and peace. Fabian, you can keep my secrets, right?"


Fabian said in a deep voice, "I won't tell anyone. We are all men. I understand. It doesn't matter whether you love her or not. But it'

o say that Ivy is a fake."

Fabian sighed and said, "I know that the Lei family has been having a hard time recently, and I also know that the Ou family did not help you at the critical moment, so you need to find an ally. But you will be dragged into the mire if you find a fake."


Young Master Lei sneered.

He pointed at Fabian and Holley.

They were kind enough to help him.

But now in the Lei family, it seemed that Young Master Lei didn't need others' kindness.

What he needed to do was to find a way to save the Lei family.

"I was engaged to the royal family. I don't care whether she is the biological daughter of Mr. Peter or not. As long as she is a princess, I can get the support of the royal family. If it was true, the relationship was more reliable. If it was not true. The royal family has to compensate me with guilt. Besides, I fell in love with Ivy at the first sight. I have to be with her all my life."

Young Master Lei's scheme and his affection had all become the decisive factors.

Holley understood.

She thought she could rest assured. "I almost forgot that Young Master Lei has always been a scheming and meticulous person. I'm flattered that I'm afraid that you'll get yourself into trouble if you marry the wrong person. Don't worry. Jane won't badger you or destroy your engagement. I won't. I'll take care of Jane for you. That's it. We won't have the chance to meet again in the future."

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