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   Chapter 665 The Woman You Marry

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Young Master Lei did Fabian a favor.

After answering the phone, he agreed to meet Fabian directly in a hotel under the name of the Ou family.

Fabian drove himself and took Holley to the meeting place.

Before entering the pre-reserved meeting room, Fabian stopped and made a gesture of cheering to Holley, "Scold Young Master Lei hard and wake him up. It was not easy for him to fall in love with Jane for so many years. Tell him not lost this relationship. Don't be like Teresa and me. We can't go back even if we want to."

"Of course."

Holley straightened her chest and said, "Otherwise, I won't come here today. If it were another time, I would have been worried that I would be coward. But don't try to be a good person. If I can't win Young Master Lei, you have to help me."

"I promise to complete the task."

Fabian and Holley pushed the door open and walked into the meeting room.

Young Master Lei was not surprised to see Fabian.

The appearance of Holley really surprised him.

After looking Holley and Fabian up and down, he said directly, "Do you two want to tell me that you two have finally been together after you have achieved your goals?"


Fearing that they might really be misunderstood, Holley and Fabian said almost at the same time. They two denied each Young Master Lei's guess.

Young Master Lei didn't say anything, but made a gesture of welcome to them. "Fabian, it seems that you asked me out today not to catch up on the old days? Or you wouldn't have brought Holley here. Now that you've brought h" here, why don't you be honest and tell me what you want to see me about? "

Young Master Lei looked more experienced than a few months ago.

The sense of vicissitudes far from belonging to people at his age, was written on his face.

Needless to say, in the past period of time, the Lei family had been greatly shocked. Young Master Lei must have suffered a lot and had many intrigues.

Even his voice became lower and hoarser than before.

"Brother, are you okay?"

Fabian couldn't help but speak fo

at our relationship is incompatible as fire and water. Even if we couldn't be enemies, we couldn't be friends. So please stay out of my business from now on. You don't have to come to my engagement. "

Holley was not embarrassed. She had never thought that she could be friendly with the Lei family.

However, Jane finally ended a long-distance love.

If love died, there would be no future.

"I will introduce a better man to Jane."

Holley said casually while taking away her gun.

Young Master Lei was unmoved.

Holley felt sorry for Jane that she even shed tears for this bad man.

Because Holley felt sorry, she wanted to know who Young Master Lei was going to be engaged to.

"Do you dare to tell me who is your fiancée? Why do you even not dare to show her name on the invitation?"

Holley raised her head and looked at Young Master Lei provocatively. "I guess she must be a man of no status. She might not even be comparable to Jane, so you don't dare to show her name on the invitation."

"You are wrong."

Young Master Lei didn't get angry. He just thought it was funny and said, "Your imagination is not good. I don't have to say anything to you. But since you asked me, I'd like to tell you. Please tell Jane in the future, in case she comes to my engagement party to make trouble. I'm going to get engaged to the princess of the royal family."

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