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   Chapter 664 You Are Qualified To Be Unreasonable

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"You...your three bully me because I am alone."

Ivy cried sadly and ran away.

Fabian couldn't help sneering, "This woman is really a liar. She likes to talk nonsense with her eyes wide open. I didn't say or do anything, but she said she was bullied by three people. If I say something or do something, will it be my intention to murder her?"

"Fabian, you are wrong. When did Holley and I bully her? There is someone who make trouble just because she was in her own home. If she don't bully others, she can't be bullied, right?"

Jane said.

Holley turned around and smiled at them, "She has left. Besides, we don't need to do anything. I believe that Old Lady Ye will deal with her first."

Then Holley looked up at Old Lady Ye who was not far away.

She didn't know when Old Lady Ye came over.

However, Old Lady Ye didn't alert the others, standing there alone and seeing what had just happened.

Old Lady Ye didn't pay much attention to Holley and others, but her attention was all on Ivy.

More importantly, Old Lady Ye looked at Ivy with mixed feelings and disgust.

Holley believed that Ivy's unusual behavior must have aroused the suspicion of Old Lady Ye.

It was just a matter of thought for Old Lady Ye to find out the truth.

"Let's prepare the materials of Ivy first. When Old Lady Ye wants to investigate Ivy, we can help Old Lady Ye."

Holley's decision was same as the idea of Jane and Fabian.

They looked at each other and smiled. Then they found that Old Lady Ye slowly walked over.

It was not good to talk about other people's private affairs behind their backs without permission.

Besides, they were talking about something bad.

Now the life Mr. Peter was hard to predict, and if the Ye family found Ivy was not the daughter of Mr. Peter, Old Lady Ye must be the most frustrated one.

Holley felt a little regretful. She was too careless and straightforward just now.

olley left, Old Lady Ye turned around and went back to the room-door in silence.

What worried her most was her son.

If she had to make a choice between catching the backstage manipulator and saving her son's life, she would rather never find the backstage manipulator, and she hoped that her son would live well.

After leaving the Ye family.

Holley proposed Fabian directly, "Since Jane isn't here, please make an appointment for me with Young Master Lei. I wants to meet him right now."

"Are you in such a hurry to see him?"

Fabian hesitated.

Holley nodded seriously, "I feel bad. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just want to find someone to scold. Young Master Lei, now that he has become a bad man and failed Jane, he should be scolded by me. Anyway, I will find an explanation for Jane and see who he is going to marry."

"You are being unreasonable."

Fabian commented objectively.


Holley smiled, "But Ron told me that I shouldn't be a reasonable person. More importantly, with the support of the Generalissimo, I can do whatever I want. Besides, Ron spoiled me. I can do whatever I want."

"That's right."

Fabian nodded seriously, "You are qualified to be unreasonable, and today is a rare opportunity. I'll call him right now."

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