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   Chapter 663 Watch Your Mouth

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Speaking of the daughter recognized by the Ye family, Holley frowned in disgust.

"Ivy, she must be a fake."

Holley sighed, "I just don't know how she made it that she was taken back as the daughter of Mr. Peter who has been missing for many years. But it was a pity that Mr. Peter was not in a good condition, it was not suitable to stir up any trouble in Ye family. Otherwise, I must expose Ivy. How shameless she is to pretend to be someone else's daughter."

Holley said seriously.

But her seriousness made Fabian and Jane who knew the truth feel sorry for her.

She was the biological daughter of Mr. Peter.

She should be treated as a princess by Ye family.

Now, she didn't know that someone had taken her place. She could only comment on justice as a bystander.

"Hey, who are you? It turns out that you are the daughter of the Generalissimo. I just don't know why you are here? Do you want to have a new father in our family because your adoptive father, the Generalissimo, don't love you?"

Ivy was among the crowd.

Originally, she didn't want to provoke Holley.

After all, Holley was now in a high position. If she provoked her, she would have a bad end.

But she heard what Holley said to Fabian and Jane.

Holley knew she was a fake at once.

That was all.

Not only did Holley know it, but she also planned to expose her after the affair of Mr. Peter came to an end.

This was absolutely impossible.

Ivy knew that once her identity was exposed, Peek and his son would definitely use her as a stepping stone and put all the blame on her.

The result was that Ivy would die.

In order to make something a permanent secret, her parents had to die.

Ivy would never allow this to happen.

Therefore, she had to do something to fight back against Holley.

Time was pressing. It was too late for Ivy to ask Peek and his son about the

choice. She had to pave the way for the future.

Standing there, Ivy didn't shrink back and said, "Holley, I just can't figure it out. Why do you care so much about my father and bring someone to save him? That's all right. Why did you come so soon when my father was in critical condition and receiving emergency treatment? If there is nothing else, why did you come here so soon? Are you afraid that something might happen to him? Holley, I think you are strange. I'm my father's daughter. I'm not thinking about dirty things. I'm worried about my father that is he hurting by you, so I wonder what's wrong with you."

"Then please watch your words and deeds, Miss Ivy."

Previously, Holley had changed the topic. The situation was reversed, and all the initiative was returned to Holley.

Jane knew that it was time to fight back against Ivy.

Jane scolded him without hesitation, "Miss Holley doesn't represent herself. She represents the Generalissimo and the country. Today's visit represents the Generalissimo's concern for Ye family and the country's importance to the founding ministers. So, please watch your mouth and don't talk nonsense. The relevant department will come to ask you a charge of spreading rumors. You can't afford it."

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