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   Chapter 626 You Would Like To Know Why

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About seven or eight days later, Holley met the Generalissimo again.

Hearing from the secretary beside the Generalissimo, Holley knew that the busy and powerful man deliberately took time to have dinner with her.

Holley had no intention of picking up one father halfway.

She really didn't want to be too close to the Generalissimo, so she refused politely, "then you don't have to spare time. If you delay something important, I will be sorry."

After saying that, Holley regretted. She should see clearly whether the person was here first and then speak.

Holley was regretting, because she had just shown her unwillingness to have dinner with the Generalissimo.

She just hoped that the Generalissimo didn't listen carefully and then the matter would be over.

But just now, the Generalissimo was standing very close and heard very clearly.

He waved his hand and dismissed the Secretary beside him. The Generalissimo sat down first and said with a smile, "Holle, don't you want to have dinner with me? I thought we should often have a family reunion. "

Holley smiled awkwardly, "no, no, I'm really worried that if you spare time to have dinner with me in your busy schedule, it will delay the national affairs."

"You don't have to think about it. Besides, it's normal for my secretary to exaggerate. "

Then he pulled out a chair and motioned for Holley to sit down.

After Holley sat down, the family dinner party of the Generalissimo began.

Due to his identity, even if there were only two people present, a large table of food was served.

Holley focused on eating.

She had made up her mind that if the Generalissimo wanted to talk to her, she would prevaricate by eating without saying anything.

As for the Generalissimo, he was a very cultivated person.

He didn't gobble down the food, nor did he eat slowly. He just had a dinner with a good understanding of health care.

He didn't make any sound during the dinner.

There was even no sound when the chopsticks touched the bowl, let alone the sound of talking.

Holley was willing to keep silent, but somehow she felt the atmosphere was so weird that she wanted to escape at once.

Finally, she saw the Generalissimo put down the bowl and chopsticks. She also put down the bowl and chopsticks in a hurry and said with a smile, "you have finished eating, and I have finished. I won't disturb you. You are busy."

"Wait a minute."

Hearing the Generalissimo's words, Holley felt that her wishful thinking was once again disappointed.

She couldn't leave.

Having no choice, Holley had to sit back in the seat and forced a smile.

"Go out for a walk with me. I think we may look like a family in this way."

It was impossible for Holley to refuse the Generalissimo's proposal, whether it was good or bad.

Moreover, the other party's requirements were not harsh.

Holley nodded, "Okay, let's go for a walk."

In the garden of the Grand Marshal Mansion, the Generalissimo said slowly, "I heard that you always keep yourself in the room. Today is probably the first time you take a walk in the garden at home, isn't it?"

Holley nodded in agreement.

"Look, there are peach blossoms in my garden. Do you know why?"

When the Generalissimo mentioned the peach blossoms, his tone became particularly affectionate.

It was said that the Generalissimo was a man of iron blood, so he had no love, no wife, and no children in his life.

But from the way he spoke, it seemed that he was in love with someone.

Holley peeped at the Generalissimo with curiosity and found that the man, who had always been reserved, had a deep affection on his face.

he must have loved someone deeply, otherwise he wouldn't have shown too much expression on his face.

After a long silence, the Generalissimo said again, "because of the love in my heart, your mother met me under the peach blossom."


Holley was absent-minded.

She felt that she might have auditory hallucination.

Why did the Generalissimo mention her mother.

Her family and her parents were all ordinary people. How could they have any connection with the Generalissimo who had risen all the way and was famous.

Holley stood there in confusion. She couldn't figure it out, but she heard the Generalissimo's voice continuously.

"In fact, I should have told you this earlier, but I don't know how to say, so it is delayed until now."

"I can also think that you must be hesitating in your heart. Why did you, born in a civilian family, get the favor of me, the Generalissimo, and the favor I give you is particularly grand. I didn't tell you because I didn't want others to know about it. After all, your mother has passed away. If she has already passed away, and she is still slandered, it will be bad to be suspected of her on the relationship with your father. "

"Today, I'm willing to tell you under the peach tree, because today is the anniversary of your mother's death, and this is my home. It's safe enough, and no one will hear our conversation, and it

me some time to accept all this, okay?"

"Of course."

The Generalissimo nodded in understanding. "Jane, she is a few years older than you. She has been adopted by me since she was a child. Do you know why I adopted her but didn't give her the identity of an adopted daughter, let alone treat her as my lover? "

Holley shook her head.

She was not curious about other people's secrets.

The Generalissimo said frankly, "your mother saved Jane, who was almost murdered, and then took her along for five years. Five years later, before you were born, your parents sent Jane to me because they sensed danger and knew that someone was chasing after them. Because of your parents, I took Jane in. But in the end, she is different from you. She is not the daughter of my old friends, so I don't give her any identity. She knows all these things, and she also understands them. I just hope that you can put down some defenses against me in your heart. In addition, if you want to know more about your parents, you can talk more with Jane or come to me directly. "


Holley's mind was in a mess, so she answered absentmindedly.

"Can I be alone?"

"Of course."

Holley was about to run away when she was stopped by the Generalissimo.

Pointing at the direction behind Holley, the Generalissimo said, "you ran in the opposite direction."

Holley rubbed her hair, nodded awkwardly and ran in the opposite direction.

This time, she ran back to her room smoothly.

As soon as she returned to her room, she locked herself in the room.

The Generalissimo told her a complicated and bumpy story.

Her family background, her parents, her relatives

What a twists and turns

Unconsciously, Holley fell asleep leaning against the chair.

When she woke up again, it was already dark.

Whether she was awake or in her dream, what entangled Holley was the past told by the Generalissimo.

The past sounded reasonable.

But it always made people feel that something was missing.

For example, the names of her father and mother, and who on earth were they.

And who were the killers? Why didn't the Generalissimo say their names but just tell her the result?

Besides, is what the Generalissimo said true or not?

Perhaps, only by testing the DNA could Holley completely believe something, or not believe anything at all.

But her biological parents, adoptive parents, and grandmother had already died.

Where could she find the evidence and do a DNA test.

Where could she find a support to decide whether she believed it or not?

She pushed the door open.

Holley planned to have a talk with Jane, but she didn't expect that Jane had already been waiting outside her room.

"Do you want to talk to me?"

Jane offered.

Holley nodded, "yes, the Generalissimo said that you know a lot about my parents. He said that if I want to know, I can ask you for help."

"Let's talk inside."

Jane smiled and pushed Holley into the room. After locking the door, she said, "Holley, I have to say something unpleasant. Don't be unhappy. Are you still suspicious of the Generalissimo's words? "

"But it's normal. Anyone who has heard such a story needs to verify whether it's true or not. Otherwise, it's terrible that your parents fall from the sky? If you have any questions, just ask me. I will tell you everything I know. "

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