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   Chapter 625 I Don't Need Your Explanation. I'm Here To Scold You

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The Generalissimo nodded in agreement.

He really made many exceptions for Holley.

People like him had a schedule for doing everything.

He had made some arrangements for when and how long it would take to do these things. It wouldn't change unless the sky fell.

So according to the original plan, after the ceremony for the Generalissimo and Holley was completed tonight, he would fly back to the imperial capital with Holley and hold a press conference to announce Holley's identity again.

From now on, Holley would only live in the Grand Marshal Mansion. She could do whatever she liked, and the Generalissimo would not interfere too much.

But now, it was obviously impossible for Holley to complete the ceremony.

Although the Generalissimo didn't say anything, he allowed Jane to find the military doctor, which meant that he had acquiesced in the change of the schedule.

The secretaries around the Generalissimo were all smart. Seeing this situation, they all went to rearrange tomorrow's work and schedule.

The military doctor was a smart man.

He immediately realized that Holley fainted because she was too sad.

But he also saw the wink Jane gave him, so he avoided talking about the important things within his tolerance. "Miss Ye is a little weak, and it's okay for her to have a good rest. I'll prescribe some medicine for her and give her an injection. She will wake up tomorrow morning."

Then, something that surprised everyone around the Generalissimo happened.

Holley was put on a drip, but the Generalissimo stayed by her side for the whole night until she woke up.

When she woke up, Holley couldn't help crying.

Before she could open her eyes, she heard the Generalissimo's voice. "What's wrong? Why are you so sad?"

Holley was shocked. How could she accept the fact that a strange old man stayed beside her?

The Generalissimo smiled gently. "It doesn't matter if you don't want to tell me. I said I won't force you. So you can think about whether you want to be my daughter or not."

"I have thought about it carefully, so I agreed to recognize you as my adoptive father."

Holley frowned and said.

She had already promised the man who kidnapped her. If Ron got the chance to cooperate with the D Series for a long time, she would immediately recognize the Generalissimo as her adoptive father.

If she failed, she was afraid that that man would do something bad to Ron.

"Just think it over. Have breakfast with me. The ceremony is necessary, and the press conference is also necessary."

The Generalissimo did what he said. He didn't force Holley at all.

And his love was really like a father.

Following the Generalissimo, Holley actually had a lot of doubts in her heart. She really wanted to ask why the Generalissimo cared about her so much.

She suppressed her curiosity. She didn't want to make things worse, so she just had a meal quietly.

The ceremony was not complicated. According to the rules, Holley respectfully kowtowed to serve tea, but

ian to come to her to scold her.

Since he could come to her, it meant that Ron was not falling down. At least, he could take care of himself.

This proved that he was fine, at least not bad.

In that case, Holley would be very happy.

"I shouldn't have asked, but I still can't figure out what happened between you and Mr. Ron? I don't think the Generalissimo wants to assign you a marriage. "

Jane sighed, "I just care about you. What happened to you that made you make such a decision."

It seemed that no matter how thoughtful and rational a man was, he couldn't compare with a woman's intuition.

Holley didn't intend to say it out. She just smiled casually, "just as the doctor said, love will change, and no one can guarantee that it will never change. After experiencing so much, I suddenly lost the feeling of love for Mr. Ron and was unwilling to continue to live, so we'd better separate as soon as possible. "

"Then why are you still wearing his diamond ring?"

Jane's words reminded Holley.

Reluctantly, Holley touched the diamond ring and pulled it off her hand. "I forgot."

Her explanation was really powerless.

Jane was speechless.

Naturally, Holley handed the diamond ring to Jane. "Please make an appointment with the doctor and ask him to bring it back to N City for me and bring it to Mr. Ron."

Jane regretted.

She shouldn't have mentioned the diamond ring.

At least, Holley still wore the diamond ring and would leave a thought to Mr. Ron.

"By the way, how are you and Young Master Lei doing? Although I don't like Young Master Lei and hate the people of the Lei family, we two have known each other for so long, and it's normal for us to care about each other. Do you think so?"

Holley wanted to end the conversation.

Every time she was asked an embarrassing question, she would poke others in the heart when she didn't want to talk about it.

Embarrassed by her question, Jane answered in a fit of pique, "I'll go for a blind date from tomorrow on."

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