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   Chapter 601 Take Care of Him (1)

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Patrick said confidently.

And he had always been that kind of person that could not be questioned.

In particular, he didn't allow his lackeys to question his judgment and his decision.

But as long as it was a person, he would definitely have his own thoughts, therefore, even his lackey was no exception.

Although Patrick had clearly defined his task and goal, the man with the same appearance as Ron was still a little confused. "But I didn't feel the existence of emotions on Holley. Moreover, she took the initiative to show her affection to Mr. Ron. The situation is not right. It is not in line with the reaction of love caused hatred. "

Patrick snorted after hearing what he said.

Then he waved his sleeve and said unhappily, "what do you know? I know better than you. Besides, don't you know that if someone doesn't have anything to do but he flattered you, he will either cheat or steal? Since she wants to help you persuade Craig to withdraw the shares, of course she should take the initiative to show her affection to Mr. Ron. It's normal that you can't understand these things with your ability and intelligence. But I have never forced you. What I want is that you are as loyal and obedient as a dog. "

Patrick's face darkened.

The man with the same face as Ron didn't dare to speak. He just stood there with his head down.

It seemed that Patrick had also realized that it was meaningless for him to say this to a stupid person.

Withdrawing his anger, he waved his hand and said indifferently, "well, have a rest. We have to keep in touch with Holley tonight."

After saying that, Patrick turned around and was about to leave.

The man, who looked exactly like Ron, trembled slightly with his index finger tip, as if he had summoned up his courage. He asked, "Linda, I mean Linda Li, do you have her whereabouts?"

Patrick's eyes suddenly fell on that man, and his eyes became deep.

Staring at him for a long time, until the man was so guilty that he no longer dared to look straight into his eyes, Patrick said, "don't forget your current identity.

a deviation.

Therefore, an embarrassing scene happened.

It took Holley a lot of effort to fix that bottle of red wine.

Ron couldn't stand it anymore.

He endured for a long time, but he didn't want to help her.

But the girl was so stupid that she threw the corkscrew at her feet.

Ron couldn't stand it anymore.

He rushed over and held the corkscrew in his hand before the little woman picked it up again.

He didn't say anything, but took the bottle naturally.

Two or three times later, he opened the bottle.

he didn't know what he was thinking. Somehow, Ron filled his glass with wine and filled Holley's.

A sly smile appeared on Holley's face.

She didn't say anything but looked at that man silently.

Noticing the little woman's gaze, Ron put down the bottle and restored his estrangement. "It's my duty to draft the agreement. It's not a credit, and I didn't deserve your reward."

"I heard from Roger that you always don't have dinner. I heard that if you don't have meals on time, you will have stomach illness. I don't want the president of the company to take the lead to get sick and go to hospital. Think about it. Do you want to eat all the dishes on the table? "

Holley didn't argue with Ron for anything. She just smiled and looked at Ron, saying what she should say.

That man, after all, was hers. She had a lot of ways to deal with him.

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