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   Chapter 600 The Secret Of Ron (6)

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After talking for a long time, Jane suddenly realized that Holley seemed to be indifferent all the time.

What was wrong with her?

With hesitation, Jane looked back at Holley.

Holley smiled and asked a question that confused Jane, "well, you haven't seen Young Master Lei for many years after you left, have you?"


Jane was embarrassed.

She had always been a strong girl. For the first time, she couldn't help but pour out her feelings.

However, to her surprise, the one who was poured out neither cared about her nor comforted her, but gossiped about her and Young Master Lei's past.

'Forget it. I'm not fit to be a weak woman for the rest of my life, ' thought Jane.

Thinking of this, she wiped her tears and said, "yes, we haven't seen each other for many years."

"Does Young Master Lei believe you as soon as you show up? He never doubted that whether it is you? "

Holley asked tentatively.

Jane looked suspiciously at the person beside her.

What's wrong with this little girl? Why did she ask such a strange question.

Although Jane was suspicious, she must have too much depression in her heart.

Even if she didn't mention the quarrel between her and Young Master Lei, it was good to talk about something else about the two of them.

"There's no need to doubt this kind of thing. I'm who I am. I'm the one he put in..."

After a pause, Jane changed her words, "I was the one he loved at that time. There was no need to doubt me. He recognized me when he looked at me. If he looked into my eyes and couldn't recognize me, he would deserve to be beaten."

Holley nodded thoughtfully, "you're right. he should recognize the one he love with his eyes. If he can't recognize you, he really deserve a beating."

She leaned back a little, and tears fell down from the corner of her eyes again.

"What's wrong with you?"

Jane felt that something was wrong. "Did you come to the hospital because of Teresa?"

"Holley, tell me the truth. What did Linda say to you. Do you have anything to do with her as you behave like this today? If she bullies you, I will help you. "

Compared with Holley, Jane was obviously more open-minded and loyal.

Holley hesitated.

It was hard to answer this question. A secret would be exposed if she was not careful.

She tried her best to hold back her tears but she failed.

Fortunately, after some time of relaxation, she somewhat regained her sanity, not in the previous state of blank mind and unable to think.

After thinking it over, Holley nodded, "yes, it has something to do with Linda. Do you remember an anonymous e-mail I received before? Although the email was withdrawn later, Fabian restored it through some connections. The e-mail wrote the address of Teresa's hiding place. Fabian also sent people there. Although the building was empty when he arrived, he found Teresa's jade pendant. "

"The person who sent this email is Linda. When she saw that I didn't respond, she came to see me again. She told me where Teresa was and asked me not to sue her in exchange. I agreed and let her go, so she told me the whereabouts of Teresa. I didn't expect that we didn't find Teresa. "

Holley said these words just because she seized the people and things she had encountered recently and made up a lie with a mixture of half-truth and half false.

Just because it was half true and half false, it sounded true and false, and it was difficult to see through the truth.

Hearing what Holley said, Jane thought and analyzed to herself.

She didn't really want to find the loophole in Holley's words.

However, she had a task, so she had to protect Holley. If she couldn't protect her well, not only did she fail to complete the task, but also she felt sorry for the person who saved her years ago.

"But I have investigated the background of Linda you mentioned and known the grudge between you and her. She was saved and escaped from prison. Why did she appear in front

es, Mr. Lan may not withdraw the investment if he can't get the expected money. "

It was a reasonable analysis.

Holley seemed to be trapped and nodded, "I see. I'll go to the Mu's Group tomorrow. I'll go check the progress of the withdrawal of the investment first, and then I'll call you. "

"Okay, thank you, Holle."

The call ended.

Holley played with her phone and thought it was ridiculous.

After resting in the room for more than half an afternoon, she didn't call Roger until the evening. She told him that she had something to deal with in the company and asked him to pick her up in person, and also told Mr. Ron not to leave.

Roger readily agreed to Holley's request.

Although it was not appropriate for Young Master to take the initiative to look for Young Mistress, after all, there was someone watching. If Young Master took the initiative, Young Mistress would be involved.

But it was not a big deal that Young Mistress took the initiative. Young Master could take a look at his sweetheart and relieve his lovesickness.

Seeing Holley, Roger said something he shouldn't have said, "Young Mistress, since you broke up with Young Master, Young Master has never been home. He has basically lived in the company. So even if you don't ask me to tell Young Master not to leave, Young Master won't leave the company. "

"Young Master is getting more and more abnormal when he is working. He always doesn't have breakfast or dinner. He will lose his life like this sooner or later. Young Mistress, can you buy some Young Master's favorite food, just like what Young Master used to buy you? "

Roger really felt sorry for Ron who had suffered a lot from lovesickness, so he said these words on behalf of him.


Holley hesitated, "I'm afraid he won't eat the food I brought."

"No, Young Mistress is the biggest shareholder of the company. Can you suppress Young Master with your status?"

Roger suggested.

But it was a good idea.

Holley went to a famous Chinese restaurant in N City, ordered twelve of Ron's favorite dishes, and packed a bottle of good red wine. Then she set off for the Mu's Group again.

Every move of Holley had already been targeted by the power of Patrick.

Her conversation with Roger was also almost heard by him.

The real fake asked worriedly, "did this woman find anything? I can't believe that she bought so many delicious food and wine for Mr. Ron. "

Patrick said with certainty, "she can't know anything. You don't need to worry about it. You just need to be responsible for telling your lie. It will be interesting if she kills Ron herself. Do you understand? "

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