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   Chapter 599 The Secret Of Ron (5)

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Nancy's voice sounded sarcastic.

In fact, she said sarcastically, "I didn't expect that we would meet again in such a situation. Mrs. Holley used to be arrogant, but now you are abandoned and your child is denied. How ridiculous and pathetic it is! "

Holley didn't say anything and frowned.

To be honest, she was not happy to see the woman in front of her, and she didn't want to listen to her.

However, Nancy seemed to have a lot to say. She ignored Holley's disgust and sneered, "since you have come to this, why do you put on airs as Young Mistress? As we all know, the man sitting in the tall building of the Mu's Group is not the real Mr. Ron. The real Mr. Ron is the one who was rescued in the emergency room. "

"You probably don't know why am I with Mr. Ron again?"

"Let me tell you, I'm the same as Linda. We two are both women who are played by that man in the tall building of the Mu's Group. We are both unfortunate and lucky. Fortunately, we met Mr. Ron. He pitied us for being deceived and played by others so he saved us. To be honest, when I first saw Mr. Ron, I thought the devil in the tall building of the Mu's Group had appeared. I thought he wanted me to die. It was not until we got along with each other that I realized that I was a pathetic victim. I had never been loved by Mr. Ron. I was just entangled with a fake. "

Nancy continued telling her story, "Mr. Ron has told me that his experience is too shocking. You won't believe it. Linda and I always persuade him that since you loved each other, no matter how shocking it, you will believe it. But we underestimated you, Mrs. Holley. We didn't expect you to not believe Mr. Ron at all. "

"Linda is going to tell you the truth. You don't believe her. Mr. Ron appeared in front of you in person, but you still have some doubts about him. Now, I'm here. I didn't want to show up in front of you, but I did. Because I can't see my benefactor being distrusted like this. Mrs. Holley, are you unable to forget the man sitting in the tall building of the Mu's Group? "

Nancy raised her voice and questioned Holley.

Holley smiled bitterly, because her heart was unmoved.

She didn't know what was wrong with her, but she was really unmoved.

Nancy just felt angry. She glared at Holley and continued, "with so many of us running out to prove it, maybe you still think it's not credible. But I have one thing to tell you. After I tell you, I believe you will have a judgment in your heart. You know what, I have been an assistant in Mr. Ron's President's Office of the Mu's Group for many years. Even if she is an elite in the business circle and graduated from a top university, every girl will hope to be a Phoenix. How can I be an exception? Let alone beside a man like Mr. Ron. "

"Before you appeared in Mr. Ron's life, I wanted to live with Mr. Ron. I thought we would be open-minded when we were studying abroad. I have never thought of being Mrs. Mu. I have a very accurate position of myself. I am not the daughter of a rich family. I just want to be the mistress of Mr. Ron, as long as I can own my own industry in the future. But Mr. Ron refused me. He didn't even allow me to pull the hem of his clothes. But... "

She suddenly raised her tone by eight degrees.

"But four years ago, Mr. Ron suddenly accepted me. With the help of Linda, I became Mr. Ron's woman. I had never been greedy for the position of Mrs. Mu. I just needed Mr. Ron to support my small business and give me some money. I was not a thorn in the flesh in Linda's eyes, so my relationship with Mr. Ron had been maintained until not long after you were released from prison. But Mrs. Holley, as I said before, I tried to be with Mr. Ron, but I couldn't even touch his clothes. But later, Mr. Ron was totally different from before. A woman could feel that they were two totally different peo

idn't see Teresa. I just watched the video that my grandmother was killed by her again."

This was the only reason why Holley was so painful.

Holley had no choice but to use her grandmother as an excuse.

But she believed that such an open-minded grandmother would not blame her.

Jane was absent-minded.

She couldn't speak for a long time.

After a long time, she held Holley's hand tightly and said, "let's go. Let it go for what happened today."

Jane didn't want to talk about Teresa anymore.

Because of Teresa, she had a big fight with Young Master Lei. The two of them had been in a cold war until now.

Did she, Jane, do something harmful?

Even if she had hurt someone, she had never hurt Rainer or Mr. Lei.

Even for Teresa, Jane was supposed to add fuel to the fire many times, but she remained silent.

She had fought for Teresa for Rainer, and she also hoped to save her life from the Generalissimo.

But it was her limit to protect the Lei family from being subverted, and the premise was that the Lei family would give up Teresa.

But no matter how hard she tried to persuade him, Rainer couldn't really let her go.

Therefore, there were many conflicts between them.

Until a few days ago, when the Generalissimo said that he would accept Holley as his adopted daughter, the conflict between them broke out completely.

From a trifle to distrust, they finally said to break up and not to contact anymore.

Jane would also feel dejected. She devoted herself to the one she loved, but in the end, she got no response.

What she got was only misunderstanding and distrust.

It was not her fault, nor Rainer's, but Teresa's.

If it weren't for Teresa, who had been so distorted in her heart, done wrong things, missed her marriage and ruined everything, would she have quarreled with Young Master Lei?

Although Jane didn't hate Teresa, she analyzed the problem rationally. The root cause was Teresa, so she didn't want to mention her again.

But they hadn't contacted each other for a few days, as if they had really broken up.

Jane was so depressed that she couldn't find anyone to confide in, but she felt sad when Holley cried.

She also burst into tears. It was the tears of the little woman who had been strong for too long and could no longer hold on in her heart. "Holley, you may not believe that I broke up with Rainer. Because of Teresa, I want him to choose justice and the Lei family, but he said that he would do everything to protect his sister, because Teresa had been lonely since childhood. But... "

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