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   Chapter 598 The Secret Of Ron (4)

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"I can."

Holley thought for a while and answered obediently as per her heart told her.

The man smiled and reached out to grab Holley's hand.

Holley drew back instinctively, so the man missed.

The man was obviously stunned, but then he was relieved. "That's right. We haven't seen each other for almost five years. Holle, I know I made things difficult for you. Maybe you are thinking that if I deal with that fake and let his crime be known to the world, your child will lose his father. I can promise that I will treat your baby as my own child. Holle, we can restart. Although I'm many years later than that fake, at least I'm sincere and won't hurt you. "


Holley replied with only one word.

She also believed that the one she loved was always Ron Mu, who she met for the first time.

In the early autumn of that year, she met the famous Mr. Ron, who was one of the best men in N City.

The man was handsome, resolute, wise and talented.

That was the most perfect man Holley had ever seen in her life.

If she had a choice to decide her future, Holley would choose this man as her life partner without hesitation.

But she also had a clear estimation of herself. She knew that it was impossible for her to be together with the arrogant Mr. Ron.

But unexpectedly, Mr. Ron took the initiative to pursue her.

She fell in love with him for no reason.

Then they got married, but all the ups and downs happened on their wedding night.

After four years of imprisonment, Holley thought all her feelings and mistakes had been erased and no longer existed.

But in the short few months that she was entangled by Ron, she seemed to have experienced all the twists and turns in her life.

The man who hurt her four years ago walked into her heart again, probably because they had experienced something and even several life and death.

Perhaps others didn't understand, but Holley knew that although she couldn't forget the past, she had made up her mind not to tangle with Ron.

Therefore, the man in her heart was not Ron Mu who she met in the early autumn of that year.

But the man sitting in front of her looked affectionate, which made Holley unable to say anything heartless.

Besides, the shares in her hand were given by the man in front of her.

If he hadn't given her the shares, she would have been sentenced to death for murder.

He should have done more affectionate things than the man she had been with in the past few months.

But Holley just couldn't fall in love with him.

Those sweet words couldn't move her at all.

Holley's indifferent response embarrassed the man opposite.

He kept silent for a while and said, "Holle, I understand. In fact, I should tell you more about the past and cultivate more feelings with you. I shouldn't have talked about revenge as soon as I came up. It seems that I'm very utilitarian. I shouldn't have asked you to help me revenge. But I really... "

After a pause, he didn't say anything.

It seemed that he had his own difficulties.

Holley was waiting for him to continue, but he stopped and just looked at her affectionately.

Holley rubbed her hair awkwardly.

She rubbed her messy hair. The man on the other side raised his hand and carefully helped her tidy up her messy hair. "You are still like this. You like to rub your own hair. It's my fault today. I have said too much. Let's eat. "

The man was gentle, but he coughed violently. After coughing for a while, he stood up apologetically and said, "I'm going to the bathroom."

Holley nodded and felt a little worried.

No matter whom the scales in her heart were to.

But there was one thing that never changed. That was, people should be kind and righteous.

If the man sitting in the high-rise building of the Mu's Group was really as bad as the so-called description, he could do nothing but use her, Holley.

She would never help a bad guy.

But till now, Holley was not sure whether the man in front of her was the pu

ed, "thank you for telling me this, Uncle Jin. But it's too complicated for me to digest. Let me think it over."


Said Patrick hypocritically.

He stood up slowly and walked towards the emergency room, pretending to care about the person in the ward very much.

After a while, he said again, "Miss Ye, you can't tell who is the real Mr. Ron?"

Holley neither admitted nor denied.

Uncle Jin said with a frown, "since I met Mr. Ron, I have helped him investigate a lot of things of that fake. There was one thing that might prove who was true and who was false. You have been with that fake for a period of time. I think you have discovered one of his secrets, that is, no matter what happens, he won't go to the hospital, right? "

Holley nodded.

It was true.

Previously, Ron was shot and his arm was about to be disabled, but he still insisted on not going to the hospital.

Holley couldn't figure out the reason, but now Uncle Jin solved her doubts.

"That's because the fake did the plastic surgery, changed his voice and made himself look like Mr. Ron. He even tried his best to imitate and torture Mr. Ron day and night to force him to tell him what happened in the past, in order not to expose himself. But now the technology was not developed enough to change a person's genes and blood type. He didn't dare to come to the hospital because he was afraid of being exposed. "

Hearing Patrick's words, Holley's heart trembled.

It seemed that it was true.

One person refused to go to the hospital and always trusted the private doctor. He was really afraid that if he went to the hospital, a lot of physical information would be collected.

"Miss Ye, why don't you ask me if you have any doubts? If Mr. Ron knows that you can't recognize him and even doubt whether he is true or not, it will hurt his heart and do no good to his health. "

Of course, what Patrick said was a lie. He was just worried that the person he found was too stupid to say something wrong and let Holley find out the flaw. After all, Holley was the only woman who had an intimate relationship with Ron.

Holley didn't say anything.

She had a lot of questions in her heart, but she didn't want to ask, because she needed to think about them carefully.

She couldn't be led astray by others on such an important matter.

But the other party didn't want to leave her time to think. An old friend she hadn't seen for a long time also appeared in the hospital.

Nancy, the woman who was pregnant with Mr. Ron's child and aborted by Mr. Ron, appeared in front of Holley.

"Mrs. Holley, long time no see."

Nancy said with a faint hatred in her eyes.

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