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   Chapter 597 The Secret Of Ron (3)

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In the next few hours, Holley was just like a silly girl.

She tried her best to find herself something to do, but she was not in the mood to do anything.

She held the phone and turned it to the maximum volume. She pressed the volume button two more times before she stopped in disappointment.

Holding the phone in her hand, she unlocked it with her fingerprints from time to time to see if she had missed any call.

Even at lunch time, she was a little absent-minded, holding a mobile phone in her hand. After two bites, she hastened to leave and asked someone to take the leftovers out of the room.

Her heart beat faster than usual.

Sitting there, Holley could hear her heart beating.

Holley didn't know why she was so nervous.

Normally, after Linda told the truth, she should have been surprised.

But for some reason, she was exceptionally calm. She was so calm that there was no joy or sorrow. She was just waiting for the call from Mr. Ron that Linda mentioned.

Was she afraid that what Linda said was the truth?

Was she afraid of getting along with that man four years later was just his plot?

Finally, all the waiting ended in three hours and eighteen minutes.

Holley remembered exactly how long it had been.

A strange call came, Holley answered the phone and heard a familiar voice.

Even if he hadn't heard it for decades, Holley would still recognize that it was Ron's voice.

Besides, she had just heard that man's voice in the Mu's Group a few days ago.

It was the same voice, which Holley would never mistake.

Tears should have streamed down her face. After all, so many years had passed, and she had suffered so much, but this man had always been missing her.

But somehow, her eyes were so dry that she couldn't even shed a tear.

"Is that you?"

Holley's voice trembled.

At the other end of the phone, the man's voice came, "Holle, of course it's me. I'm back. I'm sorry. I came back late, but I finally came back."

Holley confirmed again that it was his voice.

Holley closed her eyes slightly. That was what Mr. Ron called her four years ago. Four years later, the man who had been with her all these days had never called her Holle.

No, it seemed that he had called her Holle once, but he didn't like to call her Holle for most of the time.

Perhaps, this was the difference between the two people.

"You're back. You're finally back. As long as you can come back, it's not too late."

Holley's voice trembled slightly.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't express her feelings.

She could only stand there, staring into the distance, holding the phone tightly in her hand.

"Holle, I want to see you. Is it convenient for you?"

The man on the other end of the phone made such a request.

Holley nodded slightly, "Okay."

After a pause, she added, "I think you also want to hide your whereabouts for the time being. How about we choose the small restaurant where we used to have breakfast? See you tomorrow morning at the same time and old place."

"Holle, you are so considerate. As you said, we will meet tomorrow morning. The same time and the old place. "

The call ended.

Holley thought it over and over again.

She might be crazy. The balance in her heart was actually on the side of Mr. Ron in the Mu's Group.

Or maybe it was because the truth was told by Linda, even if there was really such a person, Holley became a little incredulous.

Or maybe it was because of the baby in her belly that she was particularly partial.

Even if she confirmed his voice, Holley still wanted to test that man.

The breakfast shop was the memory of her and Ron. Except for the two of them, no one knew it.

If the person who called could find the breakfast shop, perhaps Holley would believe that he was the real Ron. The man

you been these years?"

The man didn't seem to want to talk about the past. He just handed Holley the soybean milk and delicious food. "It's cold outside. Eat something first. Let's talk about it later."

He was gentle and considerate, and was as good to her as ever.

Holley had to admit that sometimes emotional people were also good.

For example, the man opposite her was almost the same as the man she cared about, and he was more gentle, considerate and cared about her than the man sitting in the tall building of the Mu's Group.

However, no matter how hard Holley tried, she couldn't stir up any waves in her heart for the man in front of her.

She remembered that Eleanor had told her that if two people could be together, the simplest thing was to think about how it would feel if two people pretended to be able to communicate deeply.

If one found it difficult to hold hands and kiss with the other, it meant that there was no love between the two people.

Facing the man in front of her, even if he had such a face, Holley couldn't imagine the development between them.

Even his kindness made Holley feel a little resistant.

Holley took the soybean milk at random, but she didn't drink it.

"Actually, I don't want to eat anything. I just want to know what has happened these years? Tell me, okay?"

Holley looked up with an eager look in her eyes.

"After all, you have been with that bastard for a long time."

The man sighed. It was hard to tell whether he disliked Holley or he had any other negative emotions in his words.

It seemed that he just cared about the woman in front of him with all his heart.

"Maybe you don't want me to be real Ron, you just want me to be a fake, a person who comes out to make trouble. But Holle, I thought you loved me the man you first met, not a man in the name of Mr. Ron."

The man said in a low and hoarse voice.

Holley didn't know how to answer.

She just smiled awkwardly and looked at the man opposite.

"Holle, the man who named Mr. Ron framed you on our wedding night, making you a murderer. I thought you would hate him and never fall in love with him. But I still underestimated his means. Holle, my love for you has never changed for so many years. But if you want to stand between me and that fake, I can only say sorry that I have to ask someone to take you abroad and keep you away from this battle. I have no choice but to take revenge. I can't let that person encroach on everything of our Mu family and hurt my grandfather. Holle, can you understand me?"

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