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   Chapter 594 Finish The Battle As Soon As Possible

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"I don't need to think about it. I can give you my reply now."

Holley's words made the Generalissimo stop.

He turned around and said with a smile, "you are really a smart child. You have figured it out so soon. Since you've figured it out, I'll make an exception for you. I'll stay in N City tonight and hold a ceremony tomorrow morning. "

It was a great honor. Holley didn't feel honored, but felt funny.

Why did the Generalissimo want her to be his adoptive daughter?

Holley didn't think there was any so-called fate between them.

"You misunderstood me. My reply is that I don't want to recognize an adoptive father casually, let alone you."

Holley's attitude was quite firm. Judging from her tone, there was no room for negotiate.

The Generalissimo raised his eyebrows, with a hint of embarrassment on his face.

As a man of high social status, few people could embarrass him.

In fact, he hadn't been embarrassed for many years.

But he didn't expect that it was so embarrassed for him to recognize one adoptive daughter today.

Perhaps it was because he was the Generalissimo, he had a good expression management and was much more cultivated than ordinary people.

He didn't get angry or blame Holley. He just said, "think it over. Maybe you will regret today's decision in a few days."

What he said was so convincing that it didn't seem to be what a high position man should say.

Holley was stunned by instinct.

Without saying anything more, the Generalissimo turned around and left.

He left for more than a minute before Holley came to her senses.

Thinking of what the Generalissimo had done and what he had said, Holley felt incredible.

It was unbelievable.

As the Generalissimo, after being humiliated by her, Holley, not only he didn't blame her, but also wanted to take her as an adoptive daughter.

It was impossible to make such a decision unless he was out of his mind?

Holley was still suspicious when she saw Jane running in in a hurry. "Holley, how is it going? Did the Generalissimo blame you? It's not difficult for you, is it? "


Holley answered in a trance.

If she wasn't sure that she was awake and not in a dream, she would doubt if she was in a dream. She had paranoia and even imagined such a scene.

Jane took a half step back, "before leaving, the Generalissimo told me that if you figured it out, you would tell me and let me report the news to him as soon as possible. What's the matter? Why do you bother the Generalissimo to ask in person? Is it something bad for you? Tell me. Although I may not be able to handle it for you, I have been working for the Generalissimo for so many years. I know his temperament and will always help you find a better solution. "

Jane said out of kindness.

Holley nodded thoughtfully.

It was exactly what Jane said. Jane knew the Generalissimo's character very well. He might make things difficult for Holley.

This was what followed common sense and humanity.

But the truth was the opposite.


Holley couldn't tell whether the Generalissimo's proposal was a good thing or a bad thing.

Jane wasn't someone she trusted, so she chose

ttach great importance to Holley.

Before the Generalissimo paid attention to Holley, Mrs. Ou had sent someone to N City to pay attention to Holley.

Later, the Generalissimo granted the marriage in person, and sent people to attend the wedding and send his blessings.

All these had already explained the difference of Holley.

However, Ron was very clear about Holley's past and her origin.

She was just an ordinary girl from an ordinary family.

She even had a more miserable childhood than most people.

Although she was a straight-A student and had experienced ups and downs in her young life.

But that was not the reason why the Generalissimo thought highly of her and wanted her to be his daughter.

The decision of such a high position person was either to bring supreme honor to Holley, or to flatter her.

Holley's situation was not optimistic!

With his hands behind his back, Ron paced back and forth in the office. He didn't mind that someone would be good to Holley, but there was no good in the world for no reason.

But how could he protect his little woman with such a powerful man as his opponent?

At the secret stronghold of Patrick in N City.

The man, who had always been gloomy, looked even gloomier.

He saw the news this morning.

This news made him feel threatened.

Holley was Ron's woman. Even if they pretended to separate, Holley was still Ron's woman, and the child in Holley's belly was also the child of Ron.

Although Holley had behaved coldly in the Mu's Group before, Patrick still knew that Holley had feelings for Ron.

He had his own channel. He knew that the Generalissimo really liked Holley and wanted to take her as his daughter, which was a pure honor.

If Holley gets in touch with the Generalissimo, she will be a hard nut to crack.

In that case, if he wanted to lay a hand on Ron in N City and let the Mu family, Yan family and Lan family pay the price, it would become an unattainable thing.

No way!

He had to change his plan to deal with Ron, but he had to make a move as soon as possible and end the battle as soon as possible.

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