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   Chapter 593 The Supreme Favor

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It was late at night.

A new moon hung on the branch.

Holley went to bed early. She had been living like this for a long time.

If anyone with conscience would not disturb the pregnant woman's rest.

Especially those who knew this pregnant woman and said she would make friends with her.

But someone came to disturb Holley's rest, and it was Jane.

Jane opened Holley's room and shook her hand to wake her up.

When Holley woke up and saw Jane, she was stunned.

"What are you doing here?"

She asked in a daze.

Jane held her hand and helped her up. "Clean up and come out to see the distinguished guest."

"What distinguished guest?"

Holley was too sleepy. She hadn't woken up yet, so she couldn't understand the seriousness on Jane's face.

"Change your clothes and comb your hair. you'll know when you see him later."

Jane said mysteriously.

Holley smoothed her messy hair more messy and said, "can I not go? I'm very sleepy."

Holley was really sleepy. She had experienced a lot today.

She was exhausted, but she saw refusal with no room for negotiation on Jane's face.

She sighed helplessly, "then who is it?"

"You'll know when you get there. I won't hurt you. If I hurt you, curse me to die a horrible death. "

Jane swore viciously as if she was an ancient swordsman.

Holley had nothing to say at last. She could only put on a woolen coat outside her pajamas and put a hairpin on her head. She cleaned herself up in a hurry.

Jane was stunned by her rashness.

Jane's heart was full of impulse. She really wanted to ask Holley what she was thinking. Why did she go to see the Generalissimo in such a way.

It was known to all that the status of the Generalissimo was no different from that of the emperor in ancient times. Normally, she had to take a bath, change her clothes and practice abstinence before she went to see him.

But Holley…

Jane sighed and kindly reminded, "don't be too hasty."

"That's good, not rash. I can take off my coat and go to bed later. "

That was why Holley chose to dress like this.

Jane was speechless again.

How she wanted to tell Holley that she was going to meet the Generalissimo.

But before she came, the Generalissimo told her not to tell Holley who wanted to see her.

Jane had no choice but to remind her, "you'd better be more serious."


Holley refused without hesitation, "I didn't go out just wearing pajamas. It's for your sake. Let's go. Or I'll go to bed. "

Then she yawned again.

Jane had nothing to say but to lead the way silently.

But although Holley dressed too casually, judging from the Generalissimo's attitude towards her, he wouldn't blame her.

After all, this morning, Holley regretted her marriage in public and slapped the Generalissimo in the face. The Generalissimo did not blame her. Instead, he took time out of his busy schedule and came to N City in person to see Holley.

No one

Ou family and the Yan family, you don't need to worry about them. I won't get anyone involved. "

This was the promise of the Generalissimo. Holley blinked her eyes in disbelief. "You are such a big shot. It's strange that you don't care about it at all when you are embarrassed."

"Only you are an exception."

The Generalissimo said bluntly.

Holley was silent.

She didn't believe that there would be a pie falling from the sky. If there was really a pie falling, it must be poisonous.


Holley tried to get to the bottom of the matter.

The Generalissimo shook his head with a smile. "It's not the time yet."

"Can't even I know the reason when I die?"

Hearing Holley's question, the Generalissimo could only smile bitterly. "You think too much. I just think that we are destined to know each other. I want to make a decision for you and find a good match for you. Since you don't like Fabian, then forget it. When you fall in love with someone, I will arrange the wedding for you in person. But you have to remember that neither Rex nor Ron deserves you. "

The Generalissimo said in a tolerant and merciful tone, ending what had happened today.

Therefore, he didn't blame her for regretting the marriage and embarrassing him.

But if she chose the wrong bridegroom in the future, the Generalissimo would be angry.

What was the logic?

Holley thought to herself.

The Generalissimo said, "I don't have any children. Holley, can I accept you as my adopted daughter?"


Without hesitation, Holley refused.

The Generalissimo waved his hand at her and said, "you don't have to give me the answer so soon. Think it over and call me if you have made up your mind. You also have my number. Or if you are too shy, let Jane tell me. "

"Well, it's late now. Have a good rest."

The Generalissimo came all the way here and said a few words indifferently. Then he was about to leave.

This was simply confusing.

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