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   Chapter 592 Too Young

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Holley was always a tough person who looked gentle.

She nodded, but she expressed her thoughts directly. "I didn't put the blame on the Ou family. In front of so many people, I have already said that I am going to regret my marriage. "


Seeing the serious look on Holley's face, Fabian's father thought of his son.

"You young people are still too young and inexperienced. What the Generalissimo thinks is out of his own will. "

That's all Fabian's father said.

As for whether Holley could understand it or not, it had nothing to do with him.

Now that he had given the prescription, he thought that his son, who hadn't experienced enough, would have no regrets.

"Miss Ye, get off the car."

Fabian's father asked her to leave.

Holley suddenly realized that she thought she was smart enough to regret the marriage, but in fact, she brought more people to an unjust situation.

Fabian's father was right. What the Generalissimo thought was the most important.

The mouth of public opinion could only block a disaster for a while. The final decision was still in the hands of the Generalissimo.

"Sorry, I didn't think too much."

Holley apologized in a low voice, but Fabian's father waved his hand and said, "everyone is young and once confused."

As he spoke, he gestured for Holley to get off the car again.

Holley got out of the car and watched the car of the Ou family drive away. Then she pushed the door open and walked into the small bar.

Eleanor was mixing drinks at the bar counter. She was surprised and delighted to see Holley. "Sister, why are you here?"

Holley forced a smile and said, "sorry to trouble you."

"You are becoming more and more polite. If you call me sister, can I treat you shabbily? Tell me, what do you need? "

With a smile, Eleanor pulled Holley to a quiet corner and sat down.

"I want to stay here for a while."

"No problem. stay here."

Eleanor agreed without hesitation. "It's not a big deal. You don't have to hem and haw. Well, I'll ask someone to clean up the room for you. Then you can stay here in peace, okay? "

"But I have offended the Generalissimo."

Holley stated her current situation frankly.

Although it was good for her to live in Eleanor's house, she still needed to let Eleanor know everything.

"It's okay. Stay here. Don't worry!"

Only twenty minutes after Holley arrived at Eleanor's bar, Roger followed in.

"Rare guest? Why are you here?"

Eleanor looked at Roger up and down with a meaningful smile.

Roger smiled ambiguously. "Craig is going to return his shares. Young Master drew up an agreement and let me show it to Young Mistress. Our Young Mistress is the biggest shareholder. Young Master said that such a big thing needs the approval of the shareholders. He thought I was not bad, so he sent me to be a message sender. "

"Your Young Mistress is over there. Go and send it over."

Eleanor was experienced and

uble secretly.

Patrick was worried about Teresa, so he was on guard against Linda.

Therefore, the two of them had completely touched his bottom line when they gathered.

Patrick rushed back to the new secret base almost immediately.

He didn't go to see Linda. Now Linda was disabled because of gunshot and could do nothing.

More importantly, Linda was useless now. he could take care of such a person by just keeping her alive. It was not too late to use her when she was useful someday.

As for Teresa, he needed to warn her in some way.

After all, this meeting was initiated by Teresa.

It seemed that Teresa had expected Patrick to appear.

She was not surprised and even said, "I knew you would come. For the sake of my meeting with Linda. "

Patrick nodded, "what explanation do you want to give me?"

"Someone told me that the reason why I moved out suddenly was that Linda leaked my location and villa address. I also heard that she did such a stupid thing because she misunderstood the relationship between you and me. Since you and I are allies, I want to live a long and stable life, so I decide to deal with something in person. You have given Miss Linda the punishment she deserves. At least let me tell her my alliance with you. I don't want to be stabbed and killed by someone from our side one day. "

Teresa was telling the truth.

What she said was exactly those things when she met Linda.

But what she meant was to mislead Linda to think that the person related to Patrick was Miss Mei.

But what Teresa meant was to mislead Linda to think that the person related to Patrick was Miss Mei.

She believed that one day, Linda would not let her down and stab Miss Mei in the back.

As long as Miss Mei was killed, Teresa could stand firm and get rid of surveillance.

Only when she was trusted to a certain extent could she secretly deliver the news, help Holley, and help the Lei family get through the difficulties.

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