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   Chapter 589 You Are Courting Death

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How could the shares fall into the hands of Craig.

Holley frowned.

She still remembered that when she was in Alaska, the plan of Ron to take back the shares was flawless, but he failed at the last critical moment.

One person robbed Ron of the shares of the Mu's Group, and he got five percent.

Originally they thought that at the later general shareholder's meeting, the mysterious person would appear, but that person had never appeared.

Back then, at the general shareholder's meeting, Craig was forced to quit the Mu's Group like a stray dog and no longer participated in the fight for the president's position.

At that time, Craig still had some shares of the Mu's Group, which were less than two or three percent. Therefore, he had no say in the Mu's Group.

At that time, the Mu's Group was still in a state of serious loss.

At that time, Craig could use this method and force Ron away.

But at that time, he didn't do that, which meant that he didn't have the brain to think of this move at all. Or, at that time, he didn't have full confidence that he would definitely force Ron away.

It was true that time had passed and circumstances had changed. But what changes would make Craig be sure that he would be able to force Ron out of the position of president?

Holley couldn't figure it out. Although she still remembered how heartless Ron was that day, she couldn't help but worry.

With a small shareholder stirring up trouble in the company, if she, the biggest shareholder, did not appear, it would be difficult for Ron.

And Craig must have some malicious intentions.

Although she didn't know why Craig tried every means to get her back to the Mu's Group, she couldn't just refuse to go because she knew that he had a bad intention?

Fabian studied medicine, so he didn't know much about the business world.

But he could tell that Ron was in a bad situation.

Thinking of Ron's difficulties and the things he had to bear alone, Fabian couldn't help but sigh, "well, will you go back to the Mu's Group to have a look? This is not only the matter between you and Mr. Ron. It is related to the Mu

is in trouble because of her."

Fabian's mother sighed helplessly. She looked at her son and then at her husband and burst into tears again. "She only cares about herself and doesn't need to marry someone she doesn't love. But she never thought that others would be involved because of her willfulness. She doesn't want to marry into the Ou family. Does the Ou family want her to get in? "

"Mom, don't say that. She didn't leave us alone. Didn't she say that she regretted her marriage, and it has nothing to do with the Ou family or me. The Generalissimo won't blame us. "

Fabian said in an optimistic tone.

The phoenix head stick in the Mrs. Ou's hand hit the ground heavily. "Nonsense!"

She scolded.

Both Fabian and his mother were scared to shut up.

After all, Fabian's father was a man, experienced and knowledgeable.

"Fabian, do you think a little girl can change the Generalissimo's mind? Was it her responsibility as she said that she was unwilling to marry? If the Generalissimo thinks that our Ou family doesn't want her to come in and gives her such a desperate idea behind her back, will our Ou family live a better life? "

Fabian's father shook his head and said, "forget it. It's useless to talk about what has happened. Now that she has left, she has nothing to do with the Ou family then. Fabian, go back home with your mother. Don't have anything to do with everyone in N City, okay? "

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