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   Chapter 587 Everything Is Ready Except For The Last Step (2)

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Everything was quite normal at the wedding.

But as Holley spoke, many people could tell something else from her words.

Jane was the closest to Holley, so she knew exactly what it meant.

What on earth did Holley want to do?

There were so many people, the media and even the Generalissimo had sent their blessings. If there was an accident at this time, it would not be as simple as an accident. It was an insult to the Generalissimo, and Holley would be an open enemy to him.

If such a thing really happened, perhaps neither Jane nor the Ou family would have a good life.

Even for some special reasons, the Lei family, which was exempted, would have to pay a huge price for this.

In Jane's heart, Young Master Lei was more important than herself.

She had disappeared for so many years and was unwilling to keep her promise to Mr. Lei. She appeared in front of Young Master Lei again because she knew that the Lei family had encountered an unprecedented big trouble, and she could not sit by.

All this couldn't be destroyed by Holley.

Moreover, if Holley did something wrong at this time, even if everyone had to die with her, finally the most miserable one must be Holley herself.

When Holley was confused, as a grasshopper in the same boat, Jane had the obligation to stop her from doing stupid things.

And she couldn't stop Holley too straightforward and obvious.

With a smile, Jane took two steps forward. She held Holley's hand and said, "Holley, Secretary Sun has always been like this. You don't have to keep him."

She perfectly mediated the situation, and even pinched Holley's hand, indicating her not to do stupid things.

Secretary Sun turned around and nodded slightly. "You're welcome, Miss Ye."

Holley could probably understand Jane's kindness.

But there was something that she couldn't do.

The so-called granted marriage was inexplicable, and many of her friends were controlled by the Generalissimo.

This was too bad for her.

"Secretary Sun, you misunderstood me. I just want to ask you something."

Holley said in a gentle and clear voice.

Secretary Sun's eyes narrowed slightly. Since he was able to follow the Generalissimo, he was naturally a smart man.

Looking at Holley, he knew what this young girl was going to do something.

But no matter what she wanted to do, it was stupid to offend the Generalissimo.

The Generalissimo thought highly of this Miss Ye, so he sent him to attend the wedding and send his wishes.

If he was present and allowed Miss Ye to do whatever she wanted, the farce would not end in a good end, and even embarrass the Generalissimo, which would be a big disaster.

"Miss Ye, today is your big day. No matter what happens, it should not be more important than today's wedding, right? No matter what you want to ask me, you can come to see me at any time after you marry Mr. Fabian. I will answer it at any time. "

Secretary Sun also reminded Holley in a low profile that she could ask anything, but on the premise that she couldn't screw up the wedding.

Holley smiled, "what want to ask Secretary Sun has something to do with my wedding today. So if you don't answer, Secretary Sun, I'm afraid I can't get married at ease. "

Holley said that in public.

That was to say, Secretary Sun had to answer her next question.

What a little girl who knew how to make it difficult for others!

Secretary Sun completely turned around and looked into Holley's eyes, "Miss Ye, what do you want to ask?"

His expression was already very bad, and his voice was even worse than his face.

Holley took a deep breath and said bluntly, "someone told me that the marriage between me and Fabian is the order of the Generalissimo. If I don't marry Fabian, I will die. I didn't believe it at first, but today Secretary Sun, you came with the blessing of the Generalissimo. I believed it. If my marriage wasn't arranged by the Generalissimo, how could he send you here? Besides, you said that you came here to send wishes on behalf of him. "

Secretary Sun's face darkened.

He didn't expect that Holley would ask such a tricky question.

Jane was also stunned. She had thought that Holley would refuse the wedding.

But since Holley told the Generalissimo in person that she hoped to be blessed, Jane no longer doubted it.

Even now, Rex's life was still in their hands. Jane was sure that Holley didn't dare to


The people brought by Secretary Sun had been scattered in every corner of the wedding and looked up at everyone.

Whoever dared to talk nonsense, even if he wouldn't be executed in front of the media, he wouldn't come to a good end.

Therefore, none of the people present dared to talk nonsense.

Secretary Sun was quite well behaved. After a lot of messy things happened today, he could still keep a faint smile and wait with Holley on the spot.

Not far away, Jane moved to the side of Fabian.

She didn't dare to talk about what happened today, so she sent a WeChat message to Fabian, "did you know that Holley would do this before?"

Fabian didn't expect that. He just thought that Holley would accept her fate under so many threats.

He shook his head.

Jane sighed, "I hope the Generalissimo won't blame me."

Now, they could only hope.

Then everyone spent the hardest ten minutes.

Ten minutes later, Old Master Yan and Rex Yan appeared at the wedding site.

Rex looked terrible. Although he was alive, he was wrapped in a lot of gauze and looked terrible.

This was an expert doctor who had been used by the Generalissimo to save him with the most precious medicine.

Therefore, it could be imagined how badly Rex was injured.

Holley felt bad. She lowered her head slightly, but dared not look into Rex's eyes.

She owed Rex an explanation, but she was unwilling to explain.

Just let Rex misunderstand her and misunderstand that she didn't keep her promise.

"Old Master Yan, please take Mr. Yan abroad for recuperation."

That was all Holley could say. After she finished speaking, she pulled off the headwear which represented the identity of the bride.

Throwing it on the spot, Holley said in a low voice, "I don't want to marry Fabian Ou. I won't get married today! I won't marry Fabian in the future. I don't like him and we are not meant to be together. I just don't like him. "

Holley didn't mean to belittle Fabian. She just tried her best to take the blame of repentance of marriage and slapping the Generalissimo on herself.

At the same time, she took back her gun and said, "thank you very much today, Secretary Sun. I won't bother you anymore."

Secretary Sun took a meaningful look at Holley, shook his head and left with his people.

Secretary Sun left with his people and brushed past the people who rushed into the wedding.

The man rushed into the wedding site and shouted while running, "Holley Ye, you can't marry Fabian Ou. You can't get married. Something happened to the Mu's Group. You are a major shareholder. You have to go back. You can't hold the wedding now."

This man was sent by Craig after he reached an agreement with Patrick.

Today, he must prevent Holley from marrying Fabian. Holley couldn't get close to the big tree of the Ou family, and he couldn't let the Ou family protect her. Otherwise, many things would be difficult to do in the future.

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