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   Chapter 586 Everything Is Ready Except For The Last Step (1)

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Under the instruction of the Generalissimo, the wedding of Holley and Fabian would be held in three days.

There was an endless flow of guests, all of whom were of high status.

They were all willing to attend today's wedding for the sake of the Ou family, but if one looked carefully at their expressions, it was not difficult to find that most of the guests' eyes were filled with faint disdain and ridicule.

After all, this was the Nth times that Fabian had held a wedding related ceremony, and several times before, it ended up with the tragic ending that Fabian had been dumped as the female side regretted the marriage with him.

What's more, it was hard to tell the truth that the woman Fabian married this time was a remarried woman, and her ex-husband seemed to be a good friend of Fabian himself.

What's more, it was said that this woman had a large part of the shares of the Mu's Group, but although the Mu's Group had been getting better recently, it was still in danger. In other words, the marriage of Fabian and such a woman didn't mean that Fabian could get a lot of wealth. On the contrary, he would be heavily in debt because of his marriage with Holley.

Of course, if that was the case, the guests wouldn't be too disdainful and sarcastic. Besides, there was something more unacceptable to the public, that was, Holley was pregnant.

It was said that the child was not the child of her ex-husband, Ron Mu, but also not of his fiancé, Fabian. It was the child of the third man.

But even so, the Ou family still happily accepted such a woman as their daughter-in-law and held a wedding ceremony in a big way.

Although the guests came to the wedding for the sake of the Ou family, when they sat together and saw such a devious thing, they couldn't help but talk about it.

Expressions of most of the members of the Ou family didn't look good.

This kind of thing could be a shame, but the wedding had to be held in a big way, and this woman, who was not good enough for the Ou family, had to marry.

The only person who could face all this with a smile was Mrs. Ou.

It was not that Mrs. Ou had lived for a long time, so she didn't care about thes

maintain their righteous status, and also to show their loyalty to the Generalissimo, the Ou family arranged Fabian to marry Holley.

This was a normal version, and there was something unusual. In order to marry into the Ou family, Holley framed Teresa several times, which made Fabian have no choice but to marry her.

Someone said that Holley was just bluffing and Secretary Sun wouldn't come at all.

In the end, all these gossips and rumors stopped with the appearance of Secretary Sun.

Secretary Sun did come!

Not only did he come, but he also sent a very rich gift, in addition to his wishes. "Congratulations, Mr. Fabian and Miss Ye. Today is the wedding of you two. I will send a gift on behalf of the Generalissimo, and also send our blessings. I wish you two love until the end of your life."

After saying that, he lowered his head slightly apologetically. "I still have some work to do. I won't stay long. Mr. Fabian and Miss Ye, don't blame me. "

Secretary Sun kept a low profile. He was ready to leave after bringing the gifts and blessings.

It was obvious that he wanted to keep unrelated, so he refused to drink some wine or eat some food.

Mrs. Ou knew it was his habit as a secretary, so she didn't make it difficult for him. She just stood up with a smile and wanted to send him away in person.

Holley waited for Secretary Sun. In front of the guests and reporters, she said directly, "Secretary Sun, please wait."

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