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   Chapter 584 Now That You Are Here

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"No, please."

The hot muzzle and Patrick's cold eyes provoked Linda.

She collapsed and tears streaming down her face. She grabbed Patrick as if she was going to grab a life-saving straw.

But she couldn't grab Patrick because there was a gun between them.

That was the distance between them. Linda fell into the whirlpool of love, but as an old and experienced man, Patrick had never taken all this seriously.

His eyes were still full of killing intent.

Because in Patrick's eyes, there was only interests.

Linda betrayed him, telling the whereabouts of Teresa to Holley, which was harmful to his interests. Naturally, he said that Linda was courting death.

Linda was desperate.

She was a woman who had been stupid in love. Although she was obsessed with the old man in front of her, Linda was not stupid enough to see that he really didn't take her seriously.

It was true that he wanted to kill her.

It was impossible to save herself to use the love between them.

Seeing the killing intent in Patrick's eyes getting stronger and stronger, Linda screamed, "No, the email has been withdrawn, and Holley hasn't seen it either. The address is not exposed.

Didn't you say that I was useful to you? As you said, I can play a special role in dealing with Ron. I haven't shown up yet. It's not good for your plan if you kill me. Please, for the sake of my loyalty to you and my ignorance today, forgive me and give me a chance to make amends."

Linda's words seemed to work.

Patrick didn't pull the trigger completely.

But this was not the end. Patrick thought if someone did something wrong, he had to pay the price, let alone such a huge mistake.

Although the gun in Patrick's hand was moved away from Linda's temple, it was pointed at Linda's hand.

With a bang, the bullet pierced through Linda's palm.

This was Patrick's punishment for Linda.

Since it was a mistake made by hand, Patrick just shot Linda in the palm of her hand.

Linda fell to the ground in disbelief.

She didn't expect that Patrick would re

ick for his courage to appear in front of him.

A minute later, Patrick came in.

When he saw Craig, he smiled kindly as before. "How are you doing recently, Craig? I'm worried about you when I hear about your unpleasant things.

But it doesn't matter because you are a man. Although the Gu family broke off the engagement with you, it might not be a bad thing. After all, Hannah was neither the real daughter of the Gu family nor her father's favorite girl. This kind of marriage is meaningless at all. It doesn't matter if you get married to her or not. Do you think so?"

Hearing Patrick's words, the corners of Craig's mouth twitched in anger.

It was true that even if a man was called off the engagement, he could find a woman.

But it was a humiliation and a loss of dignity.

For a man like Craig who was extremely proud, this was a scale that could not be touched.

However, Patrick mentioned it directly.

Craig got angry and pointed his gun at Patrick. "For so many years, you appeared by my side in the name of an old friend of my father, but in fact, you stabbed me in the back again and again in order to harm me. Although you don't admit it and I don't have any evidence, I know you are the beast that caused the destruction of our Lan family, Patrick. I won't let you go. Now that you're here, I'll kill you in front of my father in heaven."

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