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   Chapter 583 You Deserve Death

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The words in the email were heartbreaking.

Holley didn't intend to care more about the news, but those words seemed to have some magic, constantly drilling into her heart and disturbing her thoughts.

The emails came one after another, and the words in them were more heartbreaking.

Holley fell into silence for a long time. She stared at her phone blankly and lost the ability to think for a moment.

In Patrick's villa.

Linda, who hadn't shown up for a long time, was sitting in front of the computer and typing quickly.

Patrick stood behind her and nodded with satisfaction. "Well done, Linda."

Such an intimate address had already outlined the relationship between the two people.

Linda looked back with an ambiguous smile and said, "It was you taught me so well."

Linda's eyes were full of affection, while Patrick looked her a little colder.

"Honey, I won't treat you unfairly."

He said indifferently and touched Linda's head.

However, Linda continued to look at the computer happily and knocked on an email to Holley.

"It's enough!"

Linda had sent eight emails. These eight emails were enough to kill Holley's heart one by one.

Sometimes, too much could backfire.

So he told Linda that there was no need to send another email.


Linda jumped up happily, turned around and hugged Patrick's neck. "It's finally my turn. I won't let Holley go. Torture is the perfect revenge. Thank you for teaching me this. I'm really happy."

She acted like a spoiled child in front of Patrick to express her love and gratitude.

However, Patrick was always cold, indifferent to anything.

Although Linda was already his woman, she was just a woman he could make use of for Patrick.

He remained calm and indifferent. It seemed that Linda had been used to it. She didn't care about it and just obediently went into his arms.

"Well, I heard that you have two new women. And they were all young and beautiful girls. I also heard that there is a daughter of the Lei family."

Linda was jealous and felt threatened.

She felt that her position in Patrick's heart was in jeopardy.

Although Patrick didn't respond to Linda's enthusiasm, he didn't refuse her hug.

Now, after hearing her words, Patrick pushed Linda away from his arms.

Keeping a distance from her, Patrick said coldly, "From the first day you were together with me, I have told you that you must be obedient to me as my woman. Just do what I ask you to do. As for my business, it's none of your business. How many women I have and what kind of relationship we are all my own business."

After saying that, Patrick shook his hand and left.

Linda hurried to catch up with him, "No, don't be angry. I was wrong. Don't be angry."

Patrick didn't turn around,

nted two times, and there were really only eight emails.

"But I just received a letter just now."

Hearing what Holley said, Fabian checked again and found a system notice email. Then he said to Holley, "Look, the person has withdrawn it."

"I just said there were nine emails. But why did he withdraw it? Don't he think these are not ruthless enough so he needs to prepare something to irritate me?"

Holley curled her lips with contempt. She looked down upon a person who did bad things.

Unable to guess the truth, Fabian could only shrug casually. "I will find out who registered this email and inform Mr. Ron that someone is monitoring him."

After a pause, Fabian hesitated for a long time before he said, "But, are you okay? Mr. Ron was not a fool. He wouldn't do anything stupid. Many things were not as simple as they looked. Maybe Mr. Ron has some other reason."

With her eyes wide open, Holley looked at Fabian and asked, "Then tell me what the reason is."

Fabian knew it, but he couldn't say it.

He sighed, "I just feel that Mr. Ron is not that kind of person. You..."

Fabian found that when the truth could not be told, what else he said was useless.

At last, he waved his hand casually and said, "Forget it."

In Patrick's villa.

With an angry face, Patrick pointed his gun at Linda.

"Who gave you the guts to send that kind of email to Holley?"

He was very angry, and his eyes were full of killing intent.

Linda was so frightened that she cried, "I... I just don't want anyone to take you away. I..."

While she was crying, Patrick didn't pity her. Instead, he pointed his gun at her temple harder and said, "You deserve death."

"No. I was wrong. Please, for the sake of our relationship, don't kill me."

Linda desperately begged for mercy, but she didn't see any softness in Patrick's eyes.

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