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   Chapter 582 Don't You Want To Figure It Out

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Teresa thought for a while and realized that it was not a good thing.

She didn't want to do it.

But now, she didn't dare to say no in the villa of Patrick.

After a short hesitation, Teresa nodded with a smile, "Of course I should do such a good thing. But you know, my identity is sensitive and embarrassed now. If I do it myself, won't I expose myself?"

Teresa refused him politely.

But Patrick was the person who didn't allow anyone to muddle through in front of him.

With a grim smile, he looked at Teresa and asked, "So, you can't do it, can you?"

Patrick asked, gnashing his teeth.

Teresa's heart sank. She quickly corrected herself, "No, it's not that I can't do it, but that I can't stand out and do it in public. If you agree with me, I will send the woman you asked me to monitor to do it. First, I want to see if she is loyal to you. Second, I want to protect myself. After all, it's lucky for me to escape. I don't want to go back in jail less than two days after I get my freedom. If I am exposed, you will also be exposed for saving me. Do you want to go with me?"

Teresa had no choice but to threaten Patrick.

Fortunately, this trick worked. At least, after hearing it, Patrick was less suspicious of her.

He nodded with satisfaction and said gently, "As long as you are not on Holley's side and are not willing to hurt her. I have thought for a while. What you said makes sense. I can't expose you just because of such a trifle. Well, just let my subordinate who needs to be monitored do this. You just need to supervise her."

Teresa nodded decisively, "That's good. It seems that we will definitely have a pleasant cooperation in the future. Don't worry. I will keep an eye on Miss Mei. If anything happens to her, I will report it to you as soon as possible."

"Okay, go ahead."

Patrick sent the recording to Teresa and waved at her with a tired look, indicating that she could leave.

Patrick must have pretended to be tired on purpose.

He was showing weakness, trying to use a trick to make Teresa relax her vigilance against him.

It was time to make something clear.

After receiving the recording, Teresa turned around and was about to leave.

When she was about to step out of the room, Patrick stopped her. "Don't you want to listen to what kind of recording it is?"

Teresa's heart trembled. She knew it was not a good thing and it was not that easy to pass.

Patrick was a paranoid demon.

After taking a deep breath and adjusting her state, Teresa turned around and played the recording.

The voices of Ron and Fabian came out of the recording one after another.

Not long ago, the conversation between Ron and Fabian was recorded word by word.

Fabian was the pain in Teresa's heart. Her face was a little pale, because in the recording, Fabian had been protecting Holley.

Such protection made Teresa feel very uncomfortable.

She sniffed and bit her lips hard.

She tried her bes

n't contact the outside world. I've sent the recording to Holley's e-mail. You two can have a rest."

Teresa felt lucky that she didn't do anything inappropriate.

Patrick did be an old fox, he tested her again.

When Holley woke up in the morning, she found an email.

'I'm no longer the person in charge of the Mu's Group's finance and I'm no longer in charge of personnel. Why do you send me an email?'

Holley thought and got up in a huff and began to talk nonsense. Then she opened the e-mail.

She didn't want to have messages from time to time, which would be annoying.

But to her surprise, the content of the email was not the work email that Holley thought.

A strange number and a strange message.

A record!

Was it a computer virus?

Holley was a little worried, but on second thought, she didn't have any money in her phone, so she felt relieved.

In a daze, Holley wanted to delete the email, but finally, she clicked on the recording because of a sentence in the email.

It wrote, "Holley, I believe you will want to know something about Ron."

After clicked on the recording, Holley heard the conversation between Ron and Fabian.

Now, Ron just called her "that woman".

Ron was crazy. He knew clearly that the baby was his, but he was unwilling to admit it.

Therefore, no matter how upset Holley was, she and Ron had reached the end.

'It's so boring. Why did someone send it?'

Holley didn't want to listen to it or see it, so she deleted it.

But it seemed that the person who sent the recording didn't want to let her go easily. The second email was also sent to her.

Holley didn't want to see it, but she couldn't restrain her impulse.

The second email said, "The most inappropriate thing in a relationship is to be confused. I heard that you and Ron both were crazily looking for Miss Mei, but Ron was also looking for her in order to protect her, he even offered a huge reward. Don't you want to figure it out?"

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