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   Chapter 578 Stop It

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Anyone could tell that Holley's voice was full of grief and indignation.

Fabian lowered his head heavily.

He had nothing else to say.

Jane also felt sorry for Holley.

But according to the Ou family's status and the marriage between Holley and Fabian contained numerous political meanings.

It was really inappropriate for them to quarrel in the street like this.

Jane came forward and said, "Holley, calm down."

"Shut up!"

Holley didn't look at Jane, but yelled at her.

She believed that Jane had already known that Miss Mei was taken away.

But they united to hide it from her.

'What the hell was that!

Did someone really take that woman away? Or did Fabian get some information from that woman and find that Teresa was the culprit?

Or didn't they dare to let Miss Mei live on, so they were afraid that one day all the truth would come to me?

Did they kill Miss Mei and make up a lie that Miss Mei had been robbed?

If that was the case, then they were unforgivable.' Holley thought.

Holley would never allow herself to forgive attentive people.

Still grabbing Fabian's collar, the look in Holley's eyes became colder and colder. "Fabian, listen carefully. I won't withdraw the case before Miss Mei is found. I will ask Detective Lin of the police station for help and let the court hear the case quickly. Besides, if we can't find Miss Mei, we won't hold the wedding."

Holley was afraid that everything was all done by Fabian to cover up the crime for Teresa.

She was really afraid that she would withdraw the case foolishly and let Teresa get away with it in the end.

She was even more afraid that Miss Mei had died so that she would never be able to ask for the truth that who had hurt Rex.

Staring at Fabian, Holley gave him the last determined look and released her hand in a fit of pique.

"Holley, even if the wedding date is postponed, you have to go back with us. That's the safest place."

Jane said softly.

After saying that, she looked at Old Master Yan and said meaningfully, "Holley, are you still going to move back to the Yan family?"

Obviously, she said this to Old Master Yan.

Although Old Master Yan was sad, he was not stupid.

He knew that Holley couldn't live in his house.

Now, for the sake of the Yan family and Rex, Holley directly postponed the wedding date with Fabian, which was out of kindness.

But the marriage was the Generalissimo's idea. If the Generalissimo heard something stirring up the trouble, he would definitely have a crush on the Yan family.

But all these things were reasonable. Even if the Generalissimo was dissatisfied, he would not do anything to the Yan family.

But if Holley postponed the wedding date and lived in the Yan family at the same time, the Generalissimo might be angry with the Yan family and even Holley.

Holley was kind-hearted, but if she made trouble, it was not what Old Master Yan wanted to see.

Old Master Yan shook his head slightly. "Miss Holley, do you have a safe place to temporarily live?"

Holley closed her eyes slightly.

She was trying to calm down and keep mind.

She couldn't go to the Yan family.

And she couldn't find any other safe place.

But she really didn't want to go back to the hotel booked by the Ou family. Because she had to express her attitude.

This attitude was for the Ou family to know that if they played tricks on the matter about Miss Mei, then everyone would be in trouble together.

If the postponement of the wedding caused the Generalissimo to get angry, the consequences were to be borne by all.

Likewise, this attitude was also shown to the Generalissimo. Holley wanted to let the Generalissimo know that she wanted to find Miss Mei.

No matter whether he would care about it or not, Holley would try her best not to give up any opportunity.

When Holley opened her eyes again, she forced a reassuring smile to Old Master Yan and said, "I have an old friend who can take me in for a few days. Thank you, Old Master Yan."

After a pause, Holley looked at Fabian and Jane and said again, "I have something to deal with in the hospital. You don't need to worry about me."

Her words implied something.

Jane smiled awkwardly and didn't know what to say.

Fabian wanted to explain something, but he could only say nothing.

Holley walked towards the hospital and

with the help of his opponents.

Ron believe that his opponents would doubt that this woman had betrayed them after he spread the news.

Even if Miss Mei could survive, she would suffer a lot.

In a black minibus outside the hospital.

Teresa's hands were tied up, her eyes were covered, and even her mouth was covered.

It was Patrick who sent people to save her, and they really took her out of the ward on time.

But this was not what Teresa wanted.

What she needed was to meet Holley and make things clear.

No matter whether she and Holley could let go of each other or not, they had to work together to deal with Patrick.

But Holley didn't show up. Only Patrick's followers appeared.

Teresa had no choice but to be taken away.

The car sped on the highway of N City and finally was parked outside the villa of Patrick.

Patrick came to the living room in person to welcome Teresa. "Welcome home, my ally."

Then he walked up to Teresa and took off the blindfold for her.

The moment the blindfold was taken off, Teresa was greatly shocked.

Patrick was indeed a shrewd and suspicious man.

He chose to welcome her in the room where Holley's grandmother was killed.

If Teresa hadn't thought of this last night and repeatedly gave herself temporary psychological guidance and hints, she would have revealed her flaws.

Although she was shocked, at least there was no difference on Teresa's face.

"Thank you."

Keeping the aloofness of the daughter of the Lei family, Teresa naturally sat on the sofa behind her, but she didn't forget to raise her hand to remind Patrick that her wrist was still tied.

Patrick didn't notice that Teresa had regained her memory, so he was very friendly and untied the rope for Teresa in person.

"Teresa, we are allies. But your identity is sensitive now. You still need to work secretly for a period of time before I can help you solve those cases. I have a follower who hates Holley very much. I guess you have heard of her, Mei is her last name. From now on, she will be your subordinate. If you have anything, just ask her to do it and monitor her for me. I suspect that she has betrayed me and my organization. You can help me see how attentive she is. I will help you solve the case."

Patrick's voice sounded gloomy.

Teresa couldn't help recalling the night when Holley's grandmother was killed.

But fortunately, she calmed down and just nodded slightly. "Okay, I'll help you."

Although she said so, Teresa knew that if it was really about surveillance, it would be Miss Mei who was spying on her.

But it was not a bad thing. If Patrick was willing to send someone to monitor her, it meant that she had gained Patrick's trust to a certain extent.

As long as she perfectly dealt with all the temptations, she could still stay safely with Patrick.

That's good. She can be a qualified undercover agent in the future.

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