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   Chapter 577 Say It Again

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In the ward of the hospital.

Teresa waited anxiously.

She tried her best to find some evidence to prove her innocence.

But she couldn't find such evidence.

She had no ability to prove that she didn't kill Holley's grandmother.

But she still wanted to tell Holley that she didn't kill her grandmother. Teresa thought she need some time to find out the real murderer.

She also believed that Patrick would never arrange a meeting between her and Holley sincerely.

'Because the real murderer of Holley's grandmother was Patrick.

The reason why he arranged Holley to meet me was probably his probing.

Therefore, it was conceivable that Holley came to the hospital with hatred.

Could Holley give me a chance to speak something?'

There was a clock in the ward.

Teresa saw that it was nine o 'clock.

This was the agreed time.

Patrick said that he would only give Teresa ten minutes.

'But what would happen if Holley didn't show up?'

Teresa felt uneasy.

This time, the reason why Teresa had to tell the truth to Holley was not only to help herself get away with the crime, but also to let everyone know that there was a person named Patrick.

This man was a devil. He was hurting everyone, making everyone restless.

He was the enemy of everyone.

Only when everyone work together to eliminate this scourge can they get a peaceful life.

Only in this way could the Lei family be saved.

'But would Holley believe me?'

Closing her eyes slightly, Teresa had made up her mind that if Holley didn't believe her, she would risk her life to make Holley believe her.

She was wearing a hospital gown and a fruit knife under her long sleeves.

Teresa wanted to let the followers of Patrick thought she really wanted to kill Holley.

But in fact, she just wanted to stab herself at the critical moment to prove that what she said was true.

She hoped that Holley could believe her.

Detective Lin drove to the hospital without delay.

Holley got off the car and came to the elevator with the escort of Detective Lin.

When the elevator door opened, Holley saw an unexpected person.

Old Master Yan happened to appear in the elevator of the hospital.

He walked out of the elevator, while Holley walked in.

Somehow, looking at Old Master Yan's slightly red eyes, Holley felt very uncomfortable.

She had something important to do, but she couldn't help pressing the door of the elevator to prevent it from closing.

Looking at the back of Old Master Yan, Holley asked, "Old Master Yan, is there anything wrong with Yan family?"

Old Master Yan didn't want to say anything.

In the end, the fate between his grandson and Holley was over.

They were not meant to be together, so they didn't need to care about each other anymore.

Turning a deaf ear to Holley, Old Master Yan continued to walk forward with his crutch.

Holley couldn't stay calm anymore.

Old Master Yan's back was so pitiful.

'Wasn't Mr. Yan the only person in t

hasing after her.

"Holley, you..."

Jane also found that Holley's mood was quite unstable. Her eyes were swollen and her hair was messy.

It was Old Master Yan who was with her.

It seemed that Fabian was right that Holley had known the truth.

Jane lowered her head and wondered what to say.

"Have you seen Fabian?"

Holley asked anxiously.

"He's dealing with the accident. It's almost over. What are you doing?"

Jane thought that if Holley really knew that Miss Mei had been taken away, she shouldn't have asked where Fabian was.

But she answered truthfully and didn't mention anything else.

Holley nodded, "It's right. I was confused and forgot that he was dealing with the accident. I called him."

"No. Look, Fabian is here."

Seeing Fabian from a distance, Jane reminded Holley.

Holley turned around and saw Fabian, so she ran all the way.

Holley's unsteady steps scared Jane to run after her to protect her.

"Fabian, I'm going to meet the woman whose named Miss Mei. You take me and Old Master Yan to see her."

Holley grabbed Fabian's hand almost like a life-saving straw.

Fabian could not be her life-saving straw.

Looking at the pain in Holley's eyes, Fabian lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry, Holley. I've been lying to you."

"That woman was taken away the day she was escorted back. We have been sending people to look for her, but we haven't found her. "

Said Fabian sadly.

At that time, Holley just felt that someone had thrown a bomb in her mind, and the bomb exploded at once, making her mind blank.


Holley asked in disbelief.

Fabian repeated what he had said in a more painful voice.

"She was lost!"

Holley yelled and grabbed the collar of Fabian, "You lost her and you didn't tell me and even wanted me to withdraw the case. Fabian, I take you as my friend and trust you. When I caught that woman, I shouldn't have given her to your family. I should have let Old Master Yan know those things first."

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