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   Chapter 574 No, It's Not Her

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 10118

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The night was as cold as water.

Teresa couldn't fall asleep. She didn't wake up the doctors and nurses in the hospital, but stared at the ceiling with her big eyes.

She was thinking about her future.

In a trance, she heard footsteps coming from the corridor. The footsteps approached from afar and finally stopped outside her ward.

The footsteps were very light. Someone must have deliberately walked lightly.

Obviously, she didn't feel like it was a doctor or a nurse.

Who else would sneak into her ward?

Teresa vigilantly closed her eyes, leaving only a gap covered by her eyelashes, and carefully paid attention to everything.

Out of the corner of her eye, Teresa saw that the door of her ward moved. Someone really came to her and pushed the door open secretly.

No matter what the purpose of this person was, he should not let go of her, who had become a vegetable.

Thinking of this, Teresa adjusted her breath and tried to make herself look like a vegetable.

The door was pushed open.

Through the faint starlight outside the window, Teresa saw the person clearly.

She tried her best to control her body, but she still couldn't help shivering.

It was Patrick.

This man appeared frequently in the memory that Teresa had lost.

In her memory, this man was like a devil who had committed all the crimes.

He was a horrible guy.

Teresa still remembered clearly how she was chased and almost died on that day.

But it was this Patrick who ordered to chase her. It was Patrick who had saved her from the fire after the wedding and said he wanted to cooperate with her.

In addition, he had done countless appalling things, which were thousands of times more appalling than the punishment of traitors from the black market.

Teresa was terrified.

She knew that she had to survive the disaster tonight by herself.

She had to behave like a vegetable, so that Patrick wouldn't see through her. After all, she knew too much.

But if she couldn't get through and was discovered by Patrick, she would have no choice but to die.

Teresa was trying to restrain her emotions and hide the panic and fear in her heart.

Patrick was always unhurried. He closed the door and walked to the bed.

Looking down at Teresa, Patrick smiled.

He knew that science and technology were trustworthy and the data wouldn't lie to him. As expected, Teresa woke up.

But whether she would forget something as people said, she needed to be tested.

With a grim smile on his face, Patrick said slowly, "Teresa, I know you're awake. You don't have to pretend to be a vegetable anymore."

Teresa didn't say anything, nor did she dare to say anything.

She thought it must be fraudulent means.

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Patrick smiled viciously. "Teresa, let's make a bet. Let's make a bet that if I turn off these devices, will you die. I think you won't. "

Patrick said so, but his actual behavior was the opposite of what he said.

With an oxygen machine in front of

took out a mobile phone and put it on the bedside table.

He left as he said. When he walked to the door of the ward, he didn't forget to look back and smile coldly. "Miss Lei, don't try to betray me, because you can't protect yourself now. I know you are smart and look forward to our cooperation. "

Finally, Patrick left.

Teresa kept panting.

She was really afraid of Patrick, a devil like man who had crawled out of hell and killed people without blinking his eyes.

With a lingering fear, Teresa looked at the direction of the door and made sure that Patrick had really left. Then she faintly fell on the bed.

Just now, she knew a lot of things. She needed to digest too much information.

First of all, she had already lost her freedom and become a wanted criminal with two murders. The reason why she was not taken to the police station now was that she was in a vegetative state and unconscious. From a legal point of view, she was a person without civil criminal ability.

Secondly, the Lei family was in a very difficult situation now and had become isolated and helpless.

the last thing was that Fabian and Holley were finally together.

It seemed that this was the fate of marriage. The people who were not supposed to be together would never be together, and the people who were supposed to be together would always be together no matter how hard people tried to stop them.

Love was not that important to Teresa now.

The most important thing was her human life lawsuit, as well as the safety and future of the Lei family.

Although she was suspicious of the news left by Patrick, Teresa still read it carefully.

The more she looked at it, the more she found that the reason why the Lei family was in such a difficult situation now was actually so closely related to the two murders she had committed.

It seemed that she had to find a way to prove her innocence, at least to make Holley believe her.

Because she didn't kill Holley's grandmother. She didn't kill her!

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