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   Chapter 570 Have A Discussion (3)

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Fabian took a deep breath.

He wouldn't feel scared because of death.

After all, he had seen death more than once or two times.

But the men of the Ou family were well-trained. In order to show the importance of the Generalissimo, the bodyguards brought by Mrs. Ou were all famous figures.

Each of them was a powerful figure.

However, not only did they fail in the escort mission, Miss Mei was taken away, and even their lives were taken away.

It proved that the enemy was a very terrible person, and his power was extraordinary, and he had the courage to oppose the Generalissimo.

If there was such a force against Holley, it would be troublesome. It would not be easy for Holley to live peacefully.

"Any further information?"

Fabian asked.

Jane meditated and shook her head, "No. there is no clue at the scene. Only the dead bodies. The cause of death is still under investigation. If you are interested, you can take part in the autopsy. I will arrange it for you. "

"But that's not the point. The point is that the woman surnamed Mei is missing. I'm afraid the agreement between you and Holley will be invalid. I know you have done a lot to protect Teresa, and I also want to protect the Lei family. Fabian, if Holley knows that the woman whose surname is Mei has run away, do you think she can keep her promise and don't sue Teresa for murdering her? "

Jane was right.

Selfish as they were. it was not the key point that there was a very powerful force to deal with Holley.

The point was that if the other party made such a fuss, it was very likely that Holley would not be able to fulfill her promise to withdraw the lawsuit.

If she couldn't keep her promise, it wouldn't be long before the Lei family would suffer.

Even if she, Jane, pleaded in person, she might not be able to protect the rest of the Lei family.

Not to mention that Fabian, an outsider, went to beg the Generalissimo, let alone that Fabian still had the extravagant idea of protecting Teresa.

Of course, Fabian knew how severe it was.

He knew that Holley had a clear distinction between kindness and resentment, but now

Jane said slowly, "I advise you to marry Holley as soon as possible, and don't tell her that the woman surnamed Mei has escaped. Holley trusts you. As long as you don't take the initiative to tell her, you can hide the truth for a period of time. As long as we can persuade Holley to withdraw the lawsuit, everything will be easy. "

"I may not be able to tell such a lie."

Fabian shook his head.

"For the sake of your Teresa, or the Lei family will be doomed."

Jane glared at Fabian and reminded him, "you have to be selfish when you are alive. Otherwise? Do you have a better way? Don't you know how much Holley hates Teresa? If you don't have the last jetton, Holley will sue Teresa immediately. Although Teresa deserves what she has done, I can't agree as the Lei family is involved. No one can hurt Rainer. "

Fabian waved his hand and said, "no, I can't do that. Don't say anything more. I have to think it over."

Jane continued to persuade, "I'm not forcing you to confess to Holley. The woman surnamed Mei ran away, so we sent someone to find her back. The worst result is that you have to hide it from Holley until she withdrew the lawsuit. But what if we find that woman back soon? "

Jane was trying her best to persuade Fabian. After all, she loved Young Master Lei. She couldn't watch her beloved man get involved.

In N City.

In a villa, the masked man was furious.

He was so angry that he directly took off his mask and smashed it on Miss Mei's face.

"Are you a pig? Don't you understand my order? I have told you not to touch Holley and her baby. I brought you up, but you are so useless. What else can you do except making trouble and letting me waste my people to save you? "

It was a face full of anger.

If Craig of the Lan family was present, he would definitely recognize that the owner of this angry face was called Patrick Xiang. It was Patrick who destroyed his father and mother in the past, causing the Lan family to be in turmoil, and causing their brother and sister to become orphans from childhood.

Similarly, Patrick had also one identity that Crai

sake of advancing.

Fabian didn't know what was on Holley's mind.

He just thought that Holley wanted to mention that the wedding should be simple.

In fact, in his opinion, the wedding was a good thing. Anyway, it made the Generalissimo happy. He had an explanation to his family, and he could also help his brother take care of Holley. This was a matter of killing three birds with one stone. Why not.

As for the so-called worldly affairs after marriage, Fabian didn't care about it and never took it seriously.

So in his opinion, the wedding was just a small matter to follow the instruction of the Generalissimo.

"Well, don't take the liberty. It's good to have miss Yin to hold the wedding for us."

Fabian interrupted Holley, trying to change the topic.

Holley said resolutely, "I also think it's good to have Miss Yin handle it, but I still have something else that I need to take the liberty to be abrupt."

Fabian's face changed. He touched Holley's elbow and reminded her in a low voice, "don't make trouble."

Ignoring Fabian's reminder, Holley said, "Miss Yin, will you blame me for my boldness?"

Jane was a thoughtful and observant person.

She had noticed that Fabian Ou knew something and wanted to stop Holley from talking about those things.

But it seemed that Holley wanted to say something.

Nodding with a smile, Jane said, "of course, I won't blame Holley. But I suddenly feel that it's a little inconvenient for Mr. Fabian to stay here. It seems that we two are chatting tonight. How about this? I'll ask Mr. Fabian out first and we two have a talk alone. What do you think? "

"That is the best."

Holley replied with a smile.

Jane did it herself, and Fabian was dragged out of the room.

As soon as they walked out of the room, Jane asked him directly, "you are sneaking around. Is there any plot?"

"Why don't you tell me what Holley wants? I'll consider it first and then try my best to help her."

Jane was kind-hearted.

Fabian shrugged his shoulders and said, "she heard that the wedding ceremony was held grandly. She wanted to discuss with the special envoy about whether she could make the wedding simple."

"I'm afraid I can't."

Jane sighed helplessly, "I think the Generalissimo will agree to anything, but I'm afraid it's not appropriate to make it simple. Think about it. The Generalissimo has even given her some dowry. "

"Please persuade her. Maybe your women are softer."

Fabian sighed, "I don't want to have any more trouble. I just want this absurd thing to end as soon as possible."

"Don't worry. I didn't mean to hurt Holley, and I hope the matter can be settled. Don't worry. I'm not the one who stabbed others in the back. "

When Fabian and Jane were talking outside the room, Holley was bending over the door as if she was a thief.

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