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   Chapter 568 Have A Discussion (1)

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"Don't worry. I will figure out these things and inform Old Master Yan as soon as possible."

Fabian promised seriously.

After saying that, he waved his hand, indicating the bodyguard to drag the woman surnamed Mei out.

Miss Mei was so angry that she trembled all over. She always felt that she had fallen into a trap and was set up by someone.

Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence? How could the Ou family appear just in time.

But it was not the most infuriating thing. The most unbearable thing was that Holley Ye was swaggering around her fate.

"Holley ye, don't think about it. Even if I die, I won't tell you what you want to know..."

Miss Mei was dragged away, and her voice became lower and lower. In the end, nothing could be heard.

Mrs. Ou had always been holding her phoenix head stick. She closed her eyes and sat on the spot, completely ignoring the farce.

It was not until Miss Mei was dragged away that Mrs. Ou slowly opened her eyes. "Okay. The Yan family has taken care of Miss Ye for many days. This is a debt of gratitude. you don't owe each other in the future."

After saying that, she stood up first and left with her crutch.

As Mrs. Ou stood up, the parents of Fabian also stood up and followed her out.

Fabian tugged at the corner of Holley's clothes and said, "let's go."

Holley didn't stand up. She looked at Old Master Yan.

Fabian took a few steps away and kept a distance away from them.

There was no outsider in the living room. Holley said softly, "Old Master Yan, please don't hold too much hope that the Ou family will ask the truth on behalf of you."

She was kindly reminding him and Old Master Yan would not feel unlucky because of her words.

Moreover, the price Holley had to pay was to give up suing a person who tried to kill her.

Old Master Yan smiled generously, "so many years have passed. if I still can't see through it, I would have lived for so many years in vain. I know that Mr. Fabian of the Ou family has always been on good terms with you, Miss Ye. I believe that he won't treat you harshly. But you and the Generalissimo haven't had any interaction before, but he paid attention to your business and even secretly dealt with it. I'm afraid it's not necessarily out of kindness. "

Because Holley valued friendship and loyalty very much, even the fact that Teresa tried to kill her could be settled so easily for the Yan Family's long-term pursuit of truth. Of course, Old Master Yan didn't want to see her suffer losses. With his years of experience, he saw through something and clearly reminded Holley.

Holley nodded thoughtfully, "I know. Thank you, Old Master Yan. Take care of yourself. I should go now, lest I cause trouble to the Yan family."

After a pause, Holley's eyes turned red.

When she thought of Rex, she couldn't help but take a deep breath. "As for Mr. Yan, please do me a favor and blame me." "

Her words were so moving that even Old Master Yan sighed.

In the end, his grandson's love was deep but he was not destined to be with her.

"Good gi

Ou family. My grandma has shown her loyalty and said that she will never be an enemy of justice. So in order to prevent people from talking about it, the superior has arranged the marriage between you and me. "

If she hadn't heard something from Old Master Yan today, Holley would think it was possible.

A person like the Generalissimo should not have any interest in fiddling with her marriage of such a nobody, Holley.

If he really manipulated her marriage, he must be protecting the Ou family and his power.

But Mr. Yan said that long ago, the Generalissimo seemed to have sent someone to keep an eye on her.

Moreover, Mrs. Ou had sent Fabian to pay attention to her, which meant that the two of them must have other reasons to pay attention to her.

The arranged marriage was not to protect the Ou family, but to target her alone, Holley.

But why?

Holley couldn't figure it out and sat there with her hands supporting her chin.

When she was lost in thought, Fabian interrupted her, "don't think about it anymore. The Generalissimo has always been thoughtful. Even the Ou family can't understand what he is doing. It's useless for you to think about it. You are just wasting your energy and spirit. As a pregnant woman, don't think too much. Eating, drinking and sleeping are the right way. "

Holley came to her senses and smiled, "well, I don't want to go too far, but there are a few things I need to consider now. Such as when to get married and hold a ceremony. Well, I want to make everything simple. Do you think it's reliable? "

Fabian shook his head awkwardly. "I'm afraid that the two of us can't make a decision on the wedding. Even my grandma has no say in it. The Generalissimo has sent a special envoys to my house. The special envoys said that your wedding will be held in a grand ceremony. "

"I'm pregnant. I will be very tired!"

Holley was so anxious that she stared at him and lowered her head. She had another thought in her mind, "where is the special envoys? Can I meet him and discuss with him? "

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