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   Chapter 566 She Has A Strong Background

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Hearing Miss Mei's words, Old Master Yan knew that her target was Holley Ye.

However, he was old and experienced, so he was still calm on his face even if he had figured out something.

Even the smile on Old Master Yan's face remained the same. "She's not a member of our Yan family. She's just temporarily living at home. Why does Yan family have an outsider involved in it?"

Miss Mei didn't believe what he said at all.

In her opinion, like his grandson Rex, Old Master Yan was protecting Holley Ye.

Miss Mei would never allow such a thing to happen.

She came here for revenge and snatch.

Even she had to take away Old Master Yan's protection for Holley Ye.

With a smile on her face, Miss Mei said, "everyone knows that the child in Holley Ye's belly, the former Mrs. Mu, is actually Mr. Yan's. The whole world knew that Mr. Yan and Holley Ye had been together, and the wedding of their two would be held sooner or later. Now you tell me, Old Master Yan, that Holley is not a member of your Yan family, but temporarily lives in your Yan family. Do you think I will believe it? "

Old Master Yan opened his mouth slowly and was about to say something when he saw a man who was ordered by him to investigate Miss Mei's past come over.

He stopped talking at the right time and naturally ordered the subordinate, "you're getting more and more unruly. Don't you know to serve tea when there is an important guest?"

Then he picked up the phone naturally.

Miss Mei's past had been investigated, and Old Master Yan also knew the grudge between her and Holley Ye.

But he was not interested in these things. The only thing he was interested in was who was behind Miss Mei.

He was also interested in how Miss Mei had grown from a lonely girl to what she was today.

However, those past had been erased by someone deliberately, and completely.

After the servant brought some tea, Old Master Yan put down his phone and poured a cup of tea for Miss Mei, "please."

Miss Mei didn't use tea, but pointed out what Old Master Yan had done just now. "Your son and daughter-in-law may fall into my hands. You not only ignored my request, but also played a trick of procrastination, and asked people to investigate me. Isn't it good, Old Master Yan? "

Old Master Yan didn't answer her question. He even ignored Miss Mei's provocation. He just took a sip of tea and said indifferently, "it's time to take out the ring."

"I have said that I won't agree until Holley Ye is present."

Miss Mei insisted.

Old Master Yan smiled, "Miss Mei, although I can't find out what kind of power you have behind you, the Yan family is very clear about what kind of power Holley Ye has behind her. So unless you can offer some real chips that can attract the Yan family, there is no reason for the Yan family to give up the protection of Holley and to offend the big shots behind her. "

Miss Mei's face changed when she heard what Old Master Yan said.

Recently, she also heard that Holley seemed to have the support of the Generalissimo.

This was probably the reason why her current organization didn't allow her to hurt Holley Ye.

But the hatred in her heart, the mistake four years ago, made her lose everything, and she could not give up the revenge on Holley.

If it weren't for Holley Ye, she would have married into the Mu family and become Mrs. Mu.

Someone robbed her of her marriage and her wealth. She couldn't let her go.

Moreover, Ron killed her parents. Since Ron loved Holley Ye so much, Holley ye must be unlucky. This was revenge.

No matter who backed Holley ye up, at the worst, she would be burnt to ashes together with Holley ye.

Miss Mei was determined to make trouble with Holley ye.

Even though she was a little flustered when she heard that Old Master Yan had confirmed Holley's background, she still didn't change her intention of revenge.


Miss Mei took out her phone with a smile and put a photo taken two hours ago in

e the main character came in, nearly a hundred bodyguards appeared in the living room of Yan family.

"What do you mean?"

Miss Mei's first reaction was that Old Master Yan had done something.

Old Master Yan drank his tea casually, "I'm just a common people in business. What can I do? The opponent was a high-ranking official, a well-known family, a noble person from the court, and the Yan family could not stop him. But don't worry, it won't change anything. "

Miss Mei sneered in disbelief, "Old Master Yan, if you dare to play tricks, you're doomed."

"I don't dare. After all, it's about my son."

Old Master Yan was always with such attitude. Although Miss Mei was angry, she couldn't lose her temper.

Finally, she saw the high-ranking official Old Master Yan mentioned.

He was indeed a noble man.

Mrs. Ou, with a phoenix head stick in her hand and unparalleled power, came in person.

She was followed by her son and daughter-in-law, and her grandson Fabian, who was always active in the public.

What were they doing here?

Miss Mei was confused.

Three days ago, the Ou family stood out in person and drew a clear line with Teresa. They even left N City for this.

It had only been three days, but why did the Ou family come back to N City and come to the Yan family?

Did they find out that it was she who provided Teresa with drug, pistols and gave Teresa the opportunity to kill Holley ye, so they came to reveal the truth to Holley?

Miss Mei, who had done something evil, was inexplicably flustered.

She thought she had done everything perfectly, but she was still worried that the matter would be exposed.

Flustered, Miss Mei stood up and was about to leave.

However, when she just stood up, the bodyguards of the Ou family rushed over and controlled her on the spot.

"How can you control my freedom?"

Miss Mei asked in a spoiled tone.

Staring at Old Master Yan, she couldn't help cursing, "you actually played such a trick. Do you think it will work after you catch me?"

"It has nothing to do with me."

Old Master Yan shrugged.

Miss Mei sneered in disbelief. "Just wait. You will never know what you want to know."

Mrs. Ou thought she was too noisy, so she waved her hand and someone came up to block Miss Mei's mouth.

"The fly finally stopped buzzing."

Mrs. Ou said slowly, holding her phoenix head stick.

Old Master Yan stood up and made a gesture of welcome.

Then he asked someone to serve some tea again.

Mrs. Ou was not close to Old Master Yan. She just said to him in a businesslike way, "you go and make it clear to Holley ye. The rest is up to the Ou family."

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