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   Chapter 563 Lucky Girl

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After leaving the lab, Rex drove home.

However, when the car was parked outside the ancestral house of Yan family, he was unwilling to step into it.

Miss Mei gave him a big problem.

If Miss Mei hadn't taken out his mother's ring, Rex wouldn't have taken her threat seriously.

But now, he had to pay attention to Miss Mei.

Something would become obsession and difficult to let go if he had explored it for many years.

The whereabouts of his parents was Rex's obsession.

Being with Holley was also Rex's obsession.

Now, the two obsessions collided with each other, and Rex had never been in a dilemma.

Time ticked away.

Rex was still sitting in the car, motionless.

In the study of the ancestral house of Yan family, Old Master Yan looked at his grandson in the car outside the house with concern.

Although he didn't know what had happened, he knew at a glance that something bad had happened to Rex.

Rex sat in the car in a daze for two hours, and Old Master Yan also looked at his grandson through the telescope for two hours.

At last, Old Master Yan couldn't sit still.

He went downstairs. But when he reached the gate, he turned back.

He would never hurt his grandson, nor would he want to see his grandson suffer any harm.

But now, there seemed to be a better person than him to


At her age, it was impossible for Miss Mei to make his parents disappear.

But Miss Mei's parents died in a car accident that year. They were dead, and it was impossible for them to have anything to do with his parents' disappearance.

Therefore, it must be after Miss Mei became an orphan that she had a lot of attainments in the Hmong parasite tricks.

What was more surprising was that she had a ring that represented his mother's identity.

This only meant one thing, the person who made Miss Mei connected with the Hmong parasite tricks was the one who had caused Rex's parents to disappear in the past.

Although it was not easy to inquire about the person who killed his parents in public.

But if Rex went to inquire about Miss Mei's past in the Hmong community, he might be able to find some clues.

Thinking of this, Rex said, "I may have to go far."

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