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   Chapter 562 Good News Should Be Shared

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Holley was inexplicably upset just now.

But somehow, when she talked to Miss Mei, she suddenly felt funny.

For Holley, a person like Miss Mei was probably a contemptible scoundrel.

Therefore, whatever she said and did was meaningless in Holley's eyes. It was even like playing a treasure, making people feel ridiculous.

Shaking her head with a smile, Holley put the phone on the speaker. After lying down comfortably, Holley said, "You don't have that ability."

"Then let's wait and see. Holley, I will take back everything that belongs to you. This is the retribution that you robbed me and refused to return."

Miss Mei said through gritted teeth.

Holley thought it was funny and had no other thoughts.

"Well, I'll just wait. Anyway, Mr. Yan won't like you."

Hearing this, Miss Mei sneered, "Holley, you will regret it, because I have told you that I majored in psychology. But you never take it seriously. Next time you will see Mr. Yan become my man."

This was a provocation.

After provoking Holley, Miss Mei hung up the phone voluntarily.

After hanging up the phone, Holley curled her lips and put the phone aside.

When she took the phone away, she looked at the screen and found that there was a missed call.

Maybe it was because too many things had happened from last night to now that she had missed the phone call.

But Holley didn't know the number.

After hesitating for a while, Holley put down her phone again.

She was still not used to answering strange calls.

Anyway, the person on the other end of the phone had only called once. If there was something really important, he would call a second time.

Since the person didn't call her again, it was fine.

Thinking of this, Holley felt more at ease.

In the Mu's Group.

Sitting alone at his desk, Ron turned on his phone from time to time due to obsession.

He was waiting for someone's call.

But he waited for a long time, but the person didn't call back.

Ron was inexplicably disappointed.

It had only been a few days since he left Holley. She had been so focused on others that she didn't even call him back.

But if she put all her heart into Rex, why did she call him the first time after that accident? Ron thought.

'Holley, why don't you call me back?'

Ron didn't know that when he was tortured by a phone call, Holley was sleeping soundly in bed.

The night fell.

It was getting dark earlier in winter.

It was only four o'clock, but the sky of N City had lost its light.

The lab was built underground. Even if the light was on, it looked a little dim.

Miss Mei had already arrived. She sat there with a smile, waiting for Rex.

Rex arrived. Although he was not very punctual, he was not ridiculously late.

When he entered the lab, he didn't see anyone but Miss Mei. Rex became alert.

Without asking anything, he took out his phone and wanted to call Hugh.

Before he finished dialing the number, Miss Mei asked, "Are you looking for Hugh?"

"In fact, you don't have to look for him. I'm the person he invited for you to

. If you make me unhappy, I will let them suffer."

"Just say such boring words to others."

Obviously, Rex didn't believe it.

Miss Mei took out a ring from her pocket and said, "Mr. Yan, have a look."

Rex was shocked.

The ring was the wedding ring of his parents. It disappeared with his parents' disappearance.

The ring was made by his father for his mother. It was unique and couldn't be counterfeited.

Rex was shocked. Miss Mei took back the ring and said, "I'll give you three days to think it over. If you have made up your mind, just announce your engagement to me."

Rex didn't say anything. With a livid face, he turned around and walked out of the lab.

Looking at Rex's back, Miss Mei's smile became a little cold and ferocious.

She said that she would take away everything that Holley had, whether it was human or love.

She would get whatever she wanted.

If she couldn't get it, it could only be said that she didn't want it.

She smiled viciously and dialed Holley's number. She would share good news with her.

In a daze, Holley was awakened by the ringtone.

She grabbed the phone, glanced at it, and threw it away.

It was another call from Miss Mei, but Holley was so sleepy that she was not in the mood to answer it.

But the person on the other end of the line seemed to be possessed and kept calling Holley crazily.

At last, Holley had to turn off her phone.

Miss Mei was almost driven mad.

'How dare Holley turn off her phone? What's wrong with this woman? Didn't she care if Mr. Yan would fall in love with her?'

The more Miss Mei thought about it, the more upset she became.

Because she almost lost in the confrontation with Mr. Yan just now.

Before she showed her trump card, Mr. Yan had a playful attitude towards her, even more excessive than that of Ron.

Fortunately, she was well prepared and Mr. Yan lost in the end.

'Forget it. It would be more interesting if Mr. Yan told Holley something in person, but I couldn't witness Holley's reaction after hearing the news.

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