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   Chapter 560 Falling Into A Wolf's Den

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Mrs. Ou was talking about the marriage, not a blind date.

That was to say, there was no room for manoeuvre this time. Fabian's marriage was an explanation to the public, which was to tell all the power holders that the Ou family wouldn't confuse right and wrong.

So Fabian had to get married as soon as possible.

"Everything is up to you."

Fabian answered dejectedly.

He had to marry someone he didn't love all his life, but the person he loved deserved to die.

After saying that, Fabian was completely silent.

He didn't know what his fate meant, but he had already been knocked down by it.

In the Yan family's ancestral house.

Rex was still sitting on the sofa in the living room, lost in thought.

Holley was in her room, but she didn't sleep on the bed.

She stood at the door of the bedroom and looked at Rex through the crack of the door.

She didn't mean to monitor Rex. But after Rex left just now, Holley found that Rex left his phone here.

Holley just wanted to return his phone. After all, Rex was Mr. Yan, he was the president who would have something important to deal with anytime. If his phone was not with him, he would definitely miss a lot of important things.

But she was pregnant and didn't dare to run, so she walked over at a constant speed.

As soon as Holley opened the bedroom door, she saw Rex running downstairs.

Besides, she saw Old Master Yan sitting on the sofa in the living room.

It turned out that the two were going to chat. It seemed that this was not the right time for Holley to appear.

When Holley had turned around and decided to have a rest first.

She heard Old Master Yan mention her.

Everyone was curious, so was Holley.

Although it was impolite to eavesdrop on other people's conversation, Holley was still curious about what the two of them would say about her.

But it didn't matter if she didn't listen to them. She knew something important after hearing their conversation.

Old Master Yan said vaguely that if Rex couldn't marry her within seven days, he would lose the chance to be with her forever.

'What did he mean?'

Old Master Yan didn't explain it in detail, and Holley didn't understand.

But she could guess. Anyway, there was nothing important, so she just stood there and thought randomly.

Judging from the subtle expression on Old Master Yan's face, Holley thought that he should be afraid of something.

'Could it be that there was someone who even made Old Master Yan have to bow his head and interfere in my marriage secretly?

But this kind of thing was not reliable. I was just an ordinary person. Why did he interfere in my marriage?

Holley couldn't figure it out and was in a daze for a long time.

When she glanced downstairs, she found that Rex was still lost in thought.

Holley know that Rex was a good man.

But Holley shouldn't choose to marry Rex for that.

In her heart, Rex had never been the

d sounded reasonable.

Hearing that, Rex's doubts were reduced a lot. "Send me the information of that person first. I'll tell you whether I should meet her or not after reading it."

"Mr. Yan, she is really good at it, so she has a strange temper and made many strange requests. I said that one of my friends supported my research and hoped that she could meet you. She said that she would give you an opportunity. I called you, and you should decide if you see her immediately."

According to Hugh's description, she was indeed a rather eccentric person, even eccentric to the extreme.

However, if this person really had some knowledge about the Hmong parasite tricks, it would be normal for her to have a strange temper.

Rex was afraid that Hugh was forced to tell a lie.

For Rex, Hugh must be safe!

So Rex meditated a while and said, "See you at Blue Bay Cafe in an hour."

"No, she said we must meet in our lab. At eight o'clock tonight."

Hugh refused Rex's proposal.

Rex had no other choice and said. "Okay, I'll be there on time."

As soon as the phone was hung up, Rex found that Holley was staring at him with her big watery eyes.

There were worries and doubts in Holley's eyes. But there was more confusion in her eyes, as if she were a white rabbit falling into a Wolf's den.

"What's wrong?"

Rex didn't understand. He just made a phone call, so Holley wouldn't be scared like this.

"It's Hugh, my friend who is a doctor, has been studying the Hmong parasite tricks for many years to help me find out the reason why my parents disappeared. His research has made some progress. He asked me to do to the laboratory. "

Rex explained the phone call seriously.

Holley shook her head, "No, I just remembered what happened last night and felt a little scared. Well, go ahead. Don't let Zack and Hugh wait for you anxiously."

It was a verbal trick. Holley wanted to know whether Rex and Zack knew each other or not!

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