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   Chapter 559 Compromise

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Suddenly, Fabian understood.

He thought too much. Jane had never said that she was trying to find a way for Teresa to live.

It was all his wishful thinking. He always thought that Jane loved Young Master Lei so much that she would think more for Teresa for the sake of Young Master Lei.

But he was wrong.

Jane didn't mean to save Teresa. She wanted to cut off all Teresa's ways of retreat and put her on a dead end.

No wonder she had so many ways to make Young Master Lei shut up and knock him out.

She had planned it for a long time and was ready to completely end the matter of Teresa behind Young Master Lei.

Everyone was selfish.

Even if Teresa deserved to die, Fabian was willing to try his best to save her.

So after taking a deep breath, Fabian shook his head in confusion. "Miss Jane, I've heard a lot about you before. Everyone said that you and Young Master Lei love each other very much. When I know you, I saw that you were always thinking for Young Master Lei. But I don't understand why you are so heartless when it comes to Teresa and you don't think for Young Master Lei at all. Do you know that if Teresa dies miserably under your obstruction, Young Master Lei will hate you very much?

"He will hate you as much as he loves you."

Fabian said word by word. He just wanted to arouse the kindness of Jane to Teresa from the bottom of Jane's heart by the relationship between her and Young Master Lei.

However, Jane was not at all moved by Fabian's words.

She sat there indifferently, held Young Master Lei's hand and said slowly, "I don't believe that you don't know who is behind me at all, Young Master Ou. Even if I can protect Teresa for a few more days, the end was that everyone in the Lei family would die. I love Rainer. I'd rather all the people in the world die than Rainer die. If today, on the contrary, it was Holley who was crazy and murdered Teresa again and again, I might be able to mediate from it. But now, it was Teresa who was crazy and killed Holley again and again. Last time, the Genera

e couldn't watch our family being destroyed like this. So, your mother and I decided to atone for our sin with death."

Fabian took a deep breath again.

Could he force his parents to death and force all the members of the Ou family to death for a woman?

Fabian couldn't.

After heartlessly cutting off the concern in his heart, Fabian said in a trembling voice, "I'll go to the hospital to see Teresa again, and then I'll go home with you and leave N City. I won't run away or evade my responsibility. I'm a member of the Ou family, so I can't betray my family. You just wait for me in the hospital. If I dare not to come back, I will die at once..."

His mother covered her son's mouth in panic. "Don't talk nonsense. You won't die. Your father and I will protect you."

Mrs. Ou had been sitting in the car, but she didn't say anything.

Until now, she said slowly, "There's no need to go to the hospital. Fabian, it's up to you. I have made my stand in front of the Generalissimo and many political enemies. I will never protect Teresa, and no one in the Ou family will be an enemy of justice."

Fabian nodded helplessly. "Everything is arranged by you."

He was making a concession.

Mrs. Ou closed her eyes slightly and held her phoenix head stick. Then she said, "Adjust your mood after you go home. The family will arrange a marriage for you."

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