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   Chapter 557 Silly Girl

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Both Holley and Rex couldn't help getting angry when they heard this declaration.

Even Fabian, who had remained neutral and seemed to have no sense of existence since he appeared, could not help but get angry and looked sideways at Young Master Lei.

That was too much.

But no one was as quick as Jane.

The beautiful woman knocked Young Master Lei out in a flash.

"Don't mind. Rainer has been very busy recently. He passed out and talked nonsense."

She smiled apologetically and said these words. Then she looked at Holley and emphasized, "Holley, he just said it on the spur of the moment."

As she spoke, she grabbed Young Master Lei's collar and carried him on her shoulder.

Jane was about to leave with Young Master Lei, because neither she nor Young Master Lei was suitable to appear here. The atmosphere was too tense.

But Jane was also suspicious of what happened last night.

After all, Teresa was too swift to be beaten by Holley, a pregnant woman. Even if she lost, she shouldn't have been in such a mess.

After winking at Fabian, Jane finally left the house of the Yan family with Young Master Lei on her shoulder.

Even if there was only Fabian here, Rex still had a cold face. He waved his hand in extreme displeasure and asked Fabian to leave, "Please go back."

After thinking for a while, Fabian stood up and said, "Let me check Holley's body. She was shocked last night. Mr. Yan, you should be very clear that pregnant women are most afraid of being frightened. If she don't take good care of herself, it will be a great harm to the baby and herself."

"It's not necessary. Thank you, Fabian."

Holley refused.

Fabian shrugged helplessly. "If you say it's not necessary, it means that you are not shocked. After all, you care so much about the baby in your belly, and you won't refuse the examination of a professional doctor like me casually. Holley, we have known each other for a long time. We are friends. Teresa has hurt you and done so many bad things. Now she deserves it. But after all, Teresa was not alone. There were always several people in the world who cared about her. We really want to know why Teres

amily and our Yan family have deep hatred. Do you know what it means, Holley?"

"Holley, I didn't mean to force you to tell me something. But you used to have a good relationship with the Lei family. I think you might know something, so I'll ask you."

Rex explained carefully for fear of being misunderstood by Holley.

Holley smiled, "I don't misunderstand you. Of course I should tell you what I know. Young Master Lei and Teresa once said that the extermination of the Lei family was done by your parents, so he said that never stop till you die.

Rex shook his head bitterly, "You also said that my parents did the car accident to your parents. If the tragedy of the Lei family was also done by my parents, it's not easy for my parents. They have not been alive for so many years, but they have taken a lot of blame. Holley, my parents won't do that, they won't!"

Rex said almost resolutely.

It was about his dead parents, and he would protect them with all his might.

"I believe you, too. But since everyone thought so, there must be some misunderstanding. We'd better find an opportunity to clear the misunderstanding. It's not good to have one more enemy out of nowhere."

Holley persuaded Rex kindly.

Rex smiled, "Silly girl, you just think for others. But you will marry me one day, so your enemy is my enemy. It's impossible for me to be friends with the Lei family. We are destined to be enemies all our lives."

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