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   Chapter 555 A Silent Answer

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Holley didn't answer, but smiled slightly.

She raised her head and looked into Rex's eyes without dodging.

This was what she wanted. She hoped that Rex would be happy, with the real happiness.

As for her and her child, although she needed someone to protect her and her child as a father, Rex was also the most suitable person.

Holley still didn't want to choose like this.

Rex understood and nodded, "Holley, you are still the same. Maybe, I just like you like this. But I'm sorry, the call just now was not from one opposite sex. "


Holley didn't know what was wrong with her. She thought it wrongly.

All in all, she thought of a lot of messy things.

Suddenly, Holley felt that it was better for Rex to choose her rather than a man.

"What are you thinking about messily?"

From Holley's disgusted and unspeakable eyes, Rex could guess what she was thinking.

"It's not good for you to think so. If someone cares about me, I will answer. But compared with you, other people's care doesn't matter. Don't worry. I won't force you. If I can really make room for other women in my heart, I will tell you immediately, okay? "

Rex coaxed her rather than telling her the truth.

Holley didn't think too much. She felt relieved when she heard that Rex didn't become the kind of person she thought.

In addition, her physical condition was just like that. Not long after, Holley fell asleep.

Holley slept soundly, but many people in N City tonight had a restless life.

Almost everyone in Yan family didn't fall asleep.

Rex took charge of the investigation and searched every corner of the house.

He needed to find out how Teresa got in, and more importantly, he needed to find the master who threw Teresa out of the window and saved Holley's life.

But one whole night passed, he didn't get anything from the two.

In the hospital.

Teresa was pushed into the resuscitation room.

Fabian, Young Master Lei and Jane were waiting outside the operating room. They were worried about Teresa, but they couldn't get too close to the operating room.

Because it was the Yan family who sent Teresa to the hospital, the Y

blame her, but felt sorry for her.

In the Yan family's ancestral house.

Accompanied by Rex, Holley sat on the sofa in the living room, face to face with Young Master Lei and others.

"What happened last night?"

Young Master Lei asked.

"I don't remember."

Holley didn't know why Teresa flew out of the window. She could tell Rex about this matter, but she would never tell Young Master Lei about it.

It was hard to explain it clearly.

Unless he trusted her 100%, he would doubt that it was her, Holley, who threw Teresa down.

Although Holley couldn't do this, she couldn't prove her innocence, let alone believe Young Master Lei, so she chose not to tell him.

Rex knew what was on Holley's mind, so he said, "as you know, Holley is pregnant, and her physical condition is quite special. She was frightened last night, so she didn't remember those things. But fortunately, I'm here. I've described and recorded a statement to the police station. If you're interested, Young Master Lei, you can go through the process to check it. "

There was endless hatred between the Lei family and the Yan family. The tragedy of the Lei family was caused by Rex's parents, which was a great hatred in Young Master Lei's heart.

If it weren't for his sister, he wouldn't have gone to the Yan family.

But Rex still looked like he was looking for trouble.

Young Master Lei couldn't help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

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