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   Chapter 554 How Much Do You Hope

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So it was sure that not long ago, there was a third person in the room besides Holley and Teresa.

But the layout of the bedroom was doomed. There was no place for people to hide in the room.

Rex, who never believed in the saying of ghosts, shook for a moment, but soon he calmed down.

There was no ghost in the world.

It was possible that there was a strange person and a strange thing. Perhaps the person who had been in the room before was a strange person, or a master who was proficient in strange techniques that could kill someone thousands of miles away.

Thinking of this, Rex patted on Holley's back and said, "I'll find it out. Let's change to another room, okay?"


Holley nodded and looked at the whole bedroom with lingering fear.

Earlier, Teresa suddenly flew out of the window. It was really weird.

That kind of weirdness was similar to the previous death of Ms. Tien.

Taking a deep breath and shaking her head, Holley dispelled these messy thoughts from her mind.

The second half of the night was the time to go to bed, not to think about those things that could not be solved or gain a result only by thinking.

Staying up late was not good for the baby, and rest was most important for her now.

Putting the baby first was the standard for Holley to do anything and make any decision now.

She stood up and was about to leave with Rex when the phone rang.

It was not her phone, but Rex's.

It was almost three o'clock in the second half of the night. If it was not an emergency, it must be someone very close.

Holley's first reaction was to avoid it.

Rex's hand was still on her back, but Holley took the initiative to move Rex's arm and said, "go answer the phone."

Rex nodded awkwardly.

He didn't know who would call him in the middle of the night.

he took out his phone with hesitation. When he saw the number on the

ied ambiguously, "good."

"Take good care of her. If anything happens to her, I won't let you go."

Ron threatened him.

Then he hung up the phone, leaving Rex who feeling very uncomfortable alone.

Ron had no right to say such words. He was the one who abandoned Holley, refused to admit the child, and he was the one who hurt Holley the most!

The best of the scumbags.

After blacking Ron's number, Rex walked back to Holley and said, "let's go. I'll take you to my room."

Holley followed Rex all the way to his bedroom. After occupying his bedroom, Holley hesitated and spoke out her true thoughts, "Mr. Yan, you don't have to think too much about me. In fact, I'm glad to see you have a good relationship. A girl called you at midnight. She must miss you very much and want to get a sense of security from you. You shouldn't have been so cold to her. "

Rex was always gentle to Holley and liked smiling faintly.

But when he heard what Holley said, he couldn't smile.

After a pause, Rex made a strange sound in his throat and said with difficulty, "do you really want me to have a new relationship? Even if I promise to marry you after you agree, even if I promise to be a good father, do you still want me to have a new relationship? "

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