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   Chapter 550 Can't I Change Another Person

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Speaking of Jane, Teresa's expression changed.

She still remembered clearly that when her brother came to the hospital to see her a few times before, this sister-in-law to be was there.

At that time, when this sister-in-law to be spoke, she could tell that she was partial to Holley to a large extent.

Women were always like this.

Even if Jane was the beloved woman of her brother, she couldn't continue to pretend to be friendly to her in this way as Jane was against her.

"Brother, can't you change another person?"

Teresa asked tentatively.

Young Master Lei shook his head and said, "Teresa, I don't believe anyone except your sister-in-law. Trust me. neither your sister-in-law nor your brother will hurt you. "

Because only Jane could guarantee to bring Teresa back to the Lei family safely.

Only Jane could stop Teresa from doing anything to Holley.


Teresa replied helplessly.

She sneaked out and didn't want to see Fabian again.

Because when she saw Fabian, she would think of what this man had done for Holley.

When she saw that man, she couldn't hide her hatred for Holley any more.

She couldn't hide it, and that man would stop her.

It was better to leave him and take revenge on Holley than to be stopped by him.

Therefore, Jane was Teresa's only choice.

If she didn't leave with Jane, she would be found by Fabian.

More than 10 minutes later.

Jane drove to the hospital.

She dialed the number Young Master Lei gave her. A minute later, before the phone was about to hang up automatically, someone answered it.

The man's voice came from the other end of the phone, and it was quite serious. "Who are you?"

Something was wrong.

Having judgment in her mind, Jane said, "sorry, I think I have dialed the wrong number."

Because of the short distance, Jane had located the position of the mobile phone owner.

It was probably on the third floor of the hospital.

After hanging up the phone, she rushed into the hospital and went to the third floor.

Jane didn't search

r about the grudges between Teresa and Holley. In other words, he was the first one to suspect that Teresa wanted to hurt Holley.

For this, he even spent a lot of money to hire someone from Eleanor to monitor Teresa. But later that person was killed.

Then Teresa disappeared in N City as if she had disappeared from the world.

It was not until she was chased in the street that she appeared in front of everyone again.

After that, a lot of things happened, which were known to all, and even some people were angry. A young and beautiful girl like Teresa actually killed an old lady cruelly.

When she became the target of public criticism, she was actually poisoned and became a vegetable.

She couldn't be responsible for her crime, nor could she accept legal sanction.

"I will send everyone to look for this woman and inform the police station to look for her. Holley, don't worry. I won't let anyone hurt you or let the murderer escape. "

The Yan family and the Ou family were also searching for Teresa. Some secret forces, represented by Jane, were also searching for Teresa.

No one knew who issued the hunting order, saying that no matter she was alive or dead, Teresa would be wanted at a high price of one hundred million.

All of a sudden, the whole N City was on the verge of looking for Teresa, which even spread to neighboring cities.

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