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   Chapter 548 Is She Okay

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Fabian had a headache.

Now that Teresa was in such a bad situation, he still took time to mind Holley's business.

Was he a philanthropist?

It was said that if one was rich, he could help the world; if he was poor, he could be independent.

Now, in terms of time, Fabian was poor.

But he still came and appeared in front of Holley. He had made such a big concession. Couldn't he charge a little interest?

Besides, the request he was going to make was not particularly excessive.

He just hoped that Holley would give him more time and Teresa more time.

A month passed in an instant.

Previously, Holley had said that she would only do Fabian a favor for not suing in one month, and that she would sue Teresa a month later.

Although Teresa was in a coma and had lost the ability to act, the court would not accept the case of Holley.

But as a doctor, Fabian was very clear about Teresa's physical condition. He believed that after his nursing, Teresa would definitely wake up, but the time would definitely exceed a month.

He hoped that Holley could give more time to sue after Teresa woke up.

But when he saw the resolute look on Holley's face, Fabian sighed, "well, except for the matter about Teresa, I really have no requirements for you. But since you have made up your mind, I won't force you. I will come to you when I think of something in the future. Or, on behalf of the Ou family, I owe you a favor before. You can consider using it. "

"Then give me some time to think about it."

Holley's face turned pale.

It was obvious that the hunting order given by Ron and the tragic death of her grandmother were a double blow to Holley, which made her in a much worse mental state.

Fabian no longer mentioned Teresa, nor did he mention Ron. He was just doing his best to treat Holley's pulse.

Hugh pulled Rex aside and said in a low voice, "Fabian has known what we are researching. I have no choice."

That was why he brought Fabian to the Yan family's ancestral house.

Hugh had be

the initiative and threaten him to come to the Yan family's ancestral house to treat Holley's pulse.

Being followed, Fabian exposed Hugh's behavior directly. "I mean, great expert and doctor, we are all doing scientific research and academic research. Don't be so godly. I'm not as bad as you think. I don't appear on purpose. The main reason why I care about Holley is that I want to intercede for the woman I love. Even if I can't intercede, it can be regarded as atoning for her. So, if you don't believe me, you can continue to follow me. I don't care. "

Hugh still had his research to do. After following Fabian for three days and three nights, he didn't find anything and then he gave up.

When he gave up tracking and returned to the lab, Ron appeared in Teresa's ward.

He hid his whereabouts and came to see Fabian.

"Is she okay?"

Ron asked in a low voice in the dark.

"As you can see, Teresa is okay."

Fabian knew that the question Ron asked was about Holley, but he answered it on purpose.

The corners of Ron's mouth twitched, "I'm asking Holley."


Fabian pretended to be enlightened and nodded, "ask about your little wife. She is very good, eating well and dressing well. There are people to serve her and protect her. The baby is fine too. Her pulse is steady. I guess she can give birth to a fat boy. "

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