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   Chapter 546 The Conspiracy In The Basement

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Leila, who had been watching the fight as a bystander, suddenly rushed forward.

"Young Mistress, Young Master specially asked me to pack up your things. Young Master is here to bring you something."

Leila explained her purpose. She wanted to express that Ron had feelings for Holley. He was afraid that she would not get used to living without the things she used to use, so he packed up and sent them here.

But somehow, the words changed when they were spoken by her.

It sounded as if Ron had deliberately sent all the things to sever the relationship with Holley.

Leila was overwhelmed by her own eloquence.

In fact, it was not her fault. She was a slick talker, but the relationship between Young Master and Young Mistress was too bumpy, and there was a strong rival in love now.

"Young Mistress, I mean, Young Master cares about you."

Leila tried to explain, but was interrupted by Ron. "Cut the crap. Do you want to see your Young Master fall to the ground all my life? Come and help me! "

With a melancholy look at Holley, Leila said, "Young Mistress, please give Young Master a chance. There must be some misunderstanding between you two. Sit down and have a talk."


Ron was already angry.

Not daring to say anything more, Leila ran over and helped Ron up.

Almost staggering all the way, Ron got on the car.

One minute later, Leila got out of the car and pointed at the eight suitcases. "Young Mistress, Young Master said that you can take these if you like. If you don't, just throw them away."


Holley replied coldly.

This was her only response. Then she supported Rex to go home.

After keeping a distance from Ron and Leila, Rex said in a low voice, "I'll ask someone to move your luggage into your room."

"No, I don't need it."

Holley refused without hesitation.

Rex stopped mentioning the suitcases and asked, "by the way, why did you come out? Who told you that I had a fight with Ron? "

Rex was smart enough to guess the process

The man fell into silence.

He seemed to be thinking about something.

After a long time, he said again, "the plan for Ron will be the same, and the plan for Holley will be suspended."


Miss Mei shook her head, unable to accept it. "Why should we suspend it? Only by defeating Holley can we strike down Ron. Moreover, no matter who was the father of the child, as long as we imputed the crime of causing Holley's miscarriage to Ron, it would be enough for them to fight against each other. Why did you suspend such a good plan? "

Her tone became hasty, almost questioning.

The masked man suddenly turned around and slapped on Miss Mei's face. "I'm the representative of Mr. X, and my order is his order. If you dare not listen to my order, you are betraying Mr. X. "

After saying that, he slapped back again. "This is a small lesson. If you dare to question my decision next time, you will be punished according to the rules of the organization."

Then he made a gesture of killing.

Miss Mei lowered her head and apologized, "I'm sorry. I was too emotional."

Although she lowered her head, she was extremely angry.

In Miss Mei's opinion, this man was just a lackey. He was not the head of the organization, but just a dog of his master. They had the same status, but why did he yell at her and hit her?

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