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   Chapter 544 My Woman, My Exclusive

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Ron's car drove farther and farther, and finally completely disappeared from Holley's sight.

With a sigh, she turned around, rubbed her painful neck and said, "let's go."

Rex drove Holley home.

Outside the Yan mansion, before Rex stopped the car, he saw his grandfather standing at the door with a group of servants.

Rex was shocked by such a spectacular scene.


Rex was a little nervous.

Did grandpa still not want to accept Holley? Was it just a white lie that Grandpa said he would not stop him and Holley when they were abroad?

But now, Holley needed protection more than ever.

Since Ron treated her so badly, she was going to be homeless.

Did he let her, who was pregnant, to be alone?

After hesitating for a while, Rex stepped hard on the accelerator and drove to the gate of the mansion.

"Wait a minute."

Rex said in a low voice and pushed the door out of the car.

"Grandpa, what are you doing?"

Rex asked in confusion and worried about Holley.

Old Master Yan obviously lied, "nothing. I just came out for a walk."

As he spoke, his eyes fell on Holley who was sitting on the front passenger seat.

"You finally brought her back..."

Sighing, Old Master Yan shook his head without saying a word and went back to the mansion with the servants behind him.

Through the car window, Holley couldn't hear what the two men of the Yan family were talking about.

But the woman's intuition told her that Old Master Yan didn't welcome her.

Seeing Rex standing there alone, Holley rolled down the window and said, "this is your Yan family's ancestral house. It's not appropriate for me to live here. I'd better go to your private villa. "

Holley proposed, but Rex shook his head decisively, "no, you can't live anywhere except the Yan family's ancestral house."


Holley was frightened by Rex's resolute attitude.

Rex didn't explain.

Because in addition to knowing that Ho

gth to swing their fists again.

Rex glared at Ron, "do you know that you will lose Holley forever if you let go of her this time?"

"Do you know that I have been waiting for you to let go of her? If you let go of her, I will chase after Holley and won't give you any chance."

"Ron, you are really a bastard. You make Holley so unhappy. You..."

Rex wanted to say that you should know better than anyone whose child it was.

However, as if he had guessed what Rex wanted to say, Ron interrupted him directly, "Rex, I don't want to lose Holley, but she was taken away. You have taken her away, and you hypocritically told me that I would lose her forever if I let her go. I have lost her. "

At this moment, Rex suddenly became selfish.

As a man, he guessed that Ron must have his own difficulties to deny the child, deny Holley, and even let go of her.

But it was none of his business whether Ron had his own difficulties or not.

Anyway, he would never let go of Holley's hand and never give Ron any chance.

No matter what difficulties he had, if he missed her, he would miss her. If he lost her, he would lose her.

Rex smiled, "Mr. Ron is right. You have lost her, so I really shouldn't have talked more about Holley with you. After all, she is my woman, and my exclusive."

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