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   Chapter 543 Really Break Up

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"Holley, say something."

Ron directly passed Rex and looked at Holley.

"What did you ask my fiancée to say to you? It was you who divorced her, and it was you who wasn't by her side when she was in danger. What right do you have to badger her? "

Rex pointed at Ron with his index finger.

Ron was rendered speechless.

No matter what the reason was, the result turned out to be like this.

No matter how hard he tried to struggle and change, it was the truth.

Ron didn't say anything more.

Rex turned around and walked towards Holley.

He gently held Holley's hand and said, "let's go home. It's me who comes back late."

Standing up, Holley withdrew her hand from Rex's.

She walked side by side with Rex. When she passed by Ron, Holley stopped.

She looked at Ron, waiting for him to speak.

She was going to be taken away by Rex. Didn't Ron say something to stop her?

Ron didn't say anything. No one knew what he was thinking. he just stood there in silence.

"Mr. Ron, don't you have anything to say?"

She shouldn't have asked this, but Holley still asked.

After a full minute's silence, Ron said, "you are pregnant with someone else's child. What else can I say. Do you want me to force you to break up your family? "

Ron's words shocked Holley.

That man knew clearly that the child was his.

He not only refused to admit, but also said that the child was Rex's.

"Ron Mu, it's you who let me go. It's you who didn't even ask me to stay."

Holley felt wronged, but she didn't cry.

She bit her lips hard and took Rex's arm directly. "Mr. Yan, let's go. I'm not in a good condition today. Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get our marriage license tomorrow morning. "

Ron frowned.

His heart ached, as if it had been stabbed.

Rex looked back at Holley.

He could tell that Holley was in a fit of pique.

But even he was very angry.

What was Ron doing?

Even if he had thousands of


She looked at the entrance of the mall.

She hoped to see Ron who was chasing out after her.

Anyway, she was hurt in the tea restaurant just now.

That man gave up her so easily…

Holley saw Ron. she saw that man angrily walked out of the mall. But he didn't even look at Mr. Yan's car and directly got on his own car.

Seeing that Mr. Yan's car was still parked at the gate of the mall, Leila kindly reminded Ron.

However, Ron didn't care about it at all. He even said ruthlessly, "don't mention that woman in front of me in the future."

Leila was helpless but to stay out of Mr. Ron's private life as she was only his subordinate.

She had no choice but to follow him into the car.

Ron turned the car around and drove in the opposite direction of Holley.

Was this a gesture to show that he and she would never know each other again?

Holley's heart ached.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

She was about to cry.

Rex handed her a tissue and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. "Be happy for the child."


Taking the tissue, Holley nodded, but she couldn't help looking back at the direction in which Ron left.

They experienced a lot together.

But after experiencing so much, including life and death, could they really break up so easily?

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