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   Chapter 542 Why Don't You Admit It

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On the other end of the phone, Ron rubbed his temples with a headache.

No one could blame for what happened today.

After all, it was Rex who came back. Holley owed him a life. Whether it was to make it clear to him or to meet an old friend, with the ability of Leila, she couldn't stop Holley.

Even if he, Ron, was at home, he couldn't stop her. At most, he could only go to see Mr. Yan with her.

But what made Ron care about was why so many reporters found Holley and even gave her a difficult interview.

He didn't deny that a reporter had come to his company to ask him about Holley's pregnancy.

In order to protect the little woman and prevent anyone from hurting her by taking advantage of her pregnancy, Ron decisively denied the fact of pregnancy. He also sent red packets to the media, indicating them not to harass Holley. His emotional life was private and he had to solve it by himself.

Normally, since those people had taken his money and knew the means of him, Mr. Ron, they shouldn't harass Holley anymore.

But they still appeared!

Before he hung up the phone call with Leila, he had been ordered to send someone to investigate why those reporters still bit Holley.

In his opinion, the person who had bribed the reporters secretly to make these things was more dangerous.

On the other side of the phone, Leila apologized repeatedly.

However, Ron was tolerant and didn't blame her too much.

But suddenly, Leila shouted, "oh my God, Mr. Ron, something bad happens. That man is driving away with Young Mistress. I have to hail a car to follow them. I'll call you later."

Leila hurriedly hung up the phone and waved at the roadside.

She had to hail a taxi as soon as possible, or she didn't know where Young Mistress had been taken by that Mr. Yan.

Rex went to high-end places. Even having breakfast was the best tea restaurant in the city center.

After ordering soybean milk and cakes with less oil and sugar for Holley, he pointed t

y child and we two are together. It's too late for you to come back now. "

Rex was forcing Ron to say that he was the father of Holley's child.

As long as Ron admitted his child and Holley, he could let go of her at ease.

Otherwise, how could he leave his beloved woman to a man who didn't even admit her and her baby.

Ron had his own plans, and he also had his own difficulties that he couldn't admit now that Holley was pregnant with his child.

Rex's words drew him to a dead end.

After a long time, the corners of his mouth twitched violently. Then he said, "I don't mind being a father."

Ron was crazy enough for Holley.

How could he say something like that?

There was no doubt that he was willing to be cuckolded.

Rex couldn't understand the man opposite.

In the past, Rex thought he was strong enough to deserve Holley. He loved Holley very much, and his love was incomparable to his.

But now he suddenly felt that this man was somewhat incomprehensible.

He didn't need dignity. Why couldn't he admit that Holley's child was his?

"Ron, I, as a biological father, am here. I really don't need you. If you really want to be a father, you'd better find a wife and get married as soon as possible. "

Rex smiled and spread out his hands, "but my child has nothing to do with you."

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