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   Chapter 541 Ron Doesn't Deserve To Be With You

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6529

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"Young Mistress, if I got off the car, who will protect you?"

Leila was very responsible for protecting Holley.

Although it seemed that Mr. Yan was very familiar with Young Mistress and seemed to be very good to Young Mistress, she still couldn't leave and leave Young Mistress's safety to others.

"Get off the car."

Holley pulled a long face.

The way she spoke was surprisingly similar to Rex's. "don't let me say the same words for the third time."

Leila felt frightened.

In her world view, she knew that only the two people who were close to each other would say similar words.

Therefore, Young Mistress has a close relationship with Mr. Yan…

What she didn't know was that Ron also spoke in this way, and Ron would be more domineering. He wouldn't repeat the same words a second time.

Before Holley said anything to threaten her, Leila got out of the car.

She knew that she couldn't change Holley's mind.

She sighed and called Ron as soon as she got off the car.

At this time, only Mr. Ron could solve this kind of problem.

After Leila got out of the car, the bodyguards around Rex also retreated a little further.

Holley, who was sitting in the back seat, got out of the car and sat on the front passenger seat.

She sat down and was about to talk about her relationship with Rex.

Rex spoke first, "if I tell you that I will treat your child as my own child, I don't think you will believe it, because it's too false, and I won't believe it myself. After all, the baby hasn't been born yet. we don't know whether it is a girl or a boy, and I don't know whether we can get along well with each other. And I don't have any experience as a father. But I want to be a good father as much as possible. I want to take care of you and the child. "

"No matter it's a boy or a girl, give it a happy childhood. Don't force him to go to the cram school, and train him regardless of the results if he has any inter

f we two get the marriage certificate or not. What I want more is to take you away from Ron. I don't want you to stay with him and be hurt by him again and again. It doesn't matter if you choose me or not, but don't be with him. "

As usual, Rex spoke. He made it clear that he would not force Holley to fulfill her promise, but if she was unhappy, he must take her away.

Holley shook her head, but she felt guilty.

She hoped to stay with Ron and that the two of them would be happy and sweet.

But now everything seemed to have changed.

Ron was deliberately targeting her and suspected that she had done something despicable…

Holley didn't say anything. Rex smiled, "Holley, you are pregnant. You should keep being happy. It's my fault. I'm too eager to force you to make a decision. You said before that you wanted to blackmail me to buy you breakfast. Let's have breakfast first, okay? "


Holley agreed and rolled down the window.

She didn't know why she suddenly felt so stuffy in her heart and chest, and she was a little out of breath.

Perhaps it was because the conversation just now was too uncomfortable.

When the car started, Holley saw Leila through the rearview mirror.

She was reporting something. Needless to say, she must be reporting to Mr. Ron.

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