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   Chapter 540 Get Off The Car

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Leila was scared again.

She found that she really couldn't do anything to Holley. This Young Mistress was not as stupid as she thought, nor was she the kind of person who was very sophisticated and could plot everything clearly.

Anyway, Leila couldn't tell what kind of person Holley was.

But she knew that Holley was different from what she had imagined. Besides, she shouldn't go against Holley.

Leila didn't say anything. She was conflicted.

Holley was still smiling. She turned her head and glanced at the gun in the hand of Leila. "That's aimed at the enemy."

Then she turned around after she finished her words.

"I'll go out with Young Mistress. I'll protect Young Mistress."

Leila said helplessly and followed her quickly.

Holley got on Rex's car, and so did Leila.

Seeing Holley, Rex was full of joy, all written on his face.

When he found that besides Holley, there was another Leila, Rex stopped smiling and looked a little uninhibited.

His warmth and smile were all given to his beloved woman, Holley.

As long as there was an outsider, he was still the arrogant Mr. Yan.

"Who is this?"

Rex asked warily.

Leila was alert, "Who are you? Why are you looking for our Young Mistress?"

"Is it illegal to hire children? Where did Mr. Ron find the kid to serve you? "

Rex asked jokingly.

He wanted to confirm the relationship between Holley and Mr. Ron.

Without even taking a look at Leila, Holley said directly, "don't worry about her. She is just a child. Drive please. Let's go to the cafe and have a cup of coffee while chatting. By the way, if you are willing to treat me to breakfast, it will be more perfect. "

"Young Mistress, you are pregnant. Coffee is not good for your health."

Although Leila was a little younger than eighteen years old.

it didn't mean that she had no brain or observation.

She could clearly feel the man's love for Holley from Rex.


nancy and the relationship between Mr. Ron and Holley.

The reporters were gradually dispersed.

Rex held Holley in his arms and got into the car.

After getting in the car, he said to Leila impolitely, "you get out of the car."

Holley was stunned.

She didn't understand why Rex suddenly wanted to kick out Leila.

But before she could ask, Leila said, "Mr. Ron asked me to protect Young Mistress. Wherever Young Mistress goes, I will follow her."


Rex sneered, "that man surnamed Mu is just saying nice words. Bring a message to him. Since the news that Holley is pregnant with his child is fake, then don't bother my woman anymore. "

"Mr. Yan, you..."

Holley wanted to make it clear.

However, Rex was furious and made a gesture to Holley to stop talking.

Seeing that Leila was unwilling to leave, Rex raised his gun and aimed at her.

As soon as he raised his gun, a large number of bodyguards of Yan family gathered up.

Each of them stared at Leila.

"Don't let me say it a third time. You are Ron's subordinate. Get out of my car. You have no right to protect my woman in front of me. "

Rex announced peremptorily.

Leila tugged at the hem of Holley's clothes and said, "Young Mistress, say something."

Holley said, "get off the car."

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