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   Chapter 539 Didn't He Teach You

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Looking at Leila, Holley had some other thoughts in her mind.

She gestured for Leila to come closer.

When Leila walked closer, Holley asked her directly, "tell me, do you really want to know why I talked to another man in the middle of the night?"

Leila nodded seriously.

She wanted to know, not only because she was curious, but also because Holley was the woman of her benefactor. Leila wanted to know whether the woman her benefactor cared so much had betrayed her benefactor or not.

Holley smiled, "Leila, you are also trained by Mr. Ron. Did he teach you that if you want to know other people's secrets, you must exchange for something of the same value?"

Leila was stunned for a moment, and then she understood. "Young Mistress, what do you want?"

"Help me investigate a man named Zack Du. If you find him by tomorrow morning, I'll tell you. If you can't, don't ask."

Holley believed that Leila had the ability.

Leila did have the ability to find out everything about Zack Du thoroughly before dawn.

But she couldn't. Even if she could investigate, she couldn't tell Mrs. Holley the result. This was Mr. Ron's order.

"Young Mistress, can you change another condition?"

Leila tried to negotiate.

Holley smiled faintly, lowered her head and played with her long hair, "then you can ask me another question, and I'll change another condition."

Leila knew that it was impossible for her to know who the man was. It was so late at night that he called Holley, let alone what he had said to Holley.

She sighed silently and felt a little disappointed.

If only Mr. Ron could give her the right to monitor Young Mistress's call while ordering her to protect Young Mistress.

She was lost in thought.

Sitting there, Holley regained a lot of strength.

She had recovered a lot and had the strength. She waved at Leila and said, "I'm going to bed. Good night."

Holley walked towards the big bed, leaving Leila standing there alone.

After standing for a while, she also felt that it was not appropriate to stay in

aid Leila pitifully.

Holley smiled, "then I won't make things difficult for you. Get out of the way."

"Young Mistress, no, Young Master has ordered..."

Leila firmly followed Ron's order.

As for Holley, she raised her gun and pointed it at the forehead of Leila. "Get out of my way."

Holley raised her gun. Leila really didn't have the ability to fight back.

After all, Holley was pregnant and couldn't be beaten.

Helpless, Leila said, "Young Mistress, I have to protect you when you go out. This is Young Master's order. Ms. Tien died for no reason. If no one protects you, it's not safe. "

"I didn't say that you are not allowed to come with me."

Holley took back her gun with a smile and continued to walk towards the gate of the villa.

Seeing that Holley walked past her, Leila hesitated for a while, raised her gun and pointed it at Holley. "Young Mistress, I'm sorry. Although I want to go out with you, I have to obey the order of Young Master. "

Leila was very confident in this. She believed that her actions had perfectly kept Holley at home.

If Leila knew Holley well, she wouldn't be so confident.

Unfortunately, she didn't know.

Holley was not afraid of Leila, nor was she afraid of her gun. She even turned around casually and said, "if you don't stop, maybe soon Ron will hear the news that you are going to murder me."

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