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   Chapter 532 Did Mr. Ron Agree It

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As soon as Miss Mei walked out of the Mu's Group, a man rushed up to her.

He was the man who appeared near the hospital after Miss Mei's car accident.

When he looked at Miss Mei, his eyes and eyebrows were full of love.

It was a look of admiration.

"So, did Mr. Ron agree it? Do he agree to clarify what happened that year?"

The man had no idea what the woman he loved had talked to Mr. Ron after entering Mr. Ron's office.

He didn't know what his goddess really wanted.

He only knew that his woman said that she wanted to ask Mr. Ron to clarify what happened that year to restore her parents' reputation. So that her parents who had died in a car accident would no longer bear the name of drunk driving to cause a car accident.

And Holley even pretended to be a Miss Mei and fooled around Ron.

Holley was a complete thief, stealing everything that should belong to a Miss Mei.

Although Miss Mei didn't care it and didn't want to marry Mr. Ron.

But there must be an explanation for doing something wrong and stealing something.

He asked anxiously and concernedly, "What about Holley? Has Mr. Ron known her true face?"

Miss Mei sighed helplessly, "Zack, I'm sorry to make you worry about me. But I'm sorry, I'm useless. I can't prove my parents' innocence. Mr. Ron didn't want to, because once he reported to clarify the past, it meant that he had to admit that his parents were the guilty party and the perpetrator. He said he wouldn't sling mud at his parents."

"I have no choice. The mention of Holley made Mr. Ron even angrier. He thought I was scheming, but it was Holley who was more scheming. She even lied about her pregnancy. But Mr. Ron didn't mind it. I really want to expose that woman's trick in front of everyone. But I can't do that. I'm afraid that after that, Mr. Ron will hate me and refuse to restore my parents' reputation."

Miss Mei said sadly. The more she said, the more a

he door.

When she saw Ron, she smiled, "You're back."

Ron nodded and waved at the girl outside, "Come in, too."

Ron also brought another, but Holley was not surprised. "Are you going to officially introduce your follower to me? Or are you going to tell me that this person is very dangerous and I should stay away from her?"

"The first option."

Ron smiled and sat down beside Holley.

Holding the little woman's hand tightly, he said seriously, "Leila, my secret guard, who you can trust."

The girl nodded awkwardly.

She didn't want to protect Holley, which was really meaningless.

But she seemed to have been exposed.

Even if she left, it was just a gamble. She just thought it was not worth it for Mr. Ron.

But she couldn't help Mr. Ron anymore.

"I see. But speaking of this, Mr. Ron, you are the only one in the world who I can trust. So since you're back, I don't need a secret guard for the time being, right?"

Holley smiled.

Ron nodded in agreement and waved at Leila. "Go to bed."

After Leila left, Ron continued, "Holley, you don't need to doubt her. She are responsible for protecting your safety, and you don't have to test her deliberately in the future. If the one is not a reliable person, I will never transfer him to protect you."

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