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   Chapter 531 I Wanted To Have A Baby With You

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After the meeting.

Ron rubbed his neck tiredly.

He went back to his office and planned to go home after dealing with a few important things.

But to his surprise, he met an uninvited guest in the Secretary Room outside President's Office.

To be exact, the person he met was not an uninvited guest, but his enemy.

Miss Mei, who had been hiding in the dark, finally appeared.

She appeared in the Mu's Group and sat in the Secretary Room, as if she would never left unless see Ron.

At the sight of her, there was a hint of coldness in Ron's eyes.

However, Miss Mei was not afraid of him. She stood up with a smile and waved at Ron enchantingly. "You finally finished the meeting. I thought your secretaries and assistants were lying to me. Since you are here, let's go into the office to have a talk. Mr. Ron, do you want to talk about those important things with me here?"

Even if Miss Mei didn't say that, it was impossible for Ron to talk to her in the Secretary Room.

But Miss Mei was too self-righteous.

"Maybe I can call the police."

Ron said indifferently.

He only knew one thing.

If someone had something on him, but the one wouldn't have used it to hurt him or do anything to him.

It meant that the person had to ask him for help, or at least he was useful to him.

In that case, it's about deciding who's the crueler.

The one who was cruel enough might not lose.

Miss Mei looked at Ron emotionally. She really didn't expect that Ron would say something like that.

After a full minute, Miss Mei opened her mouth again, "Okay, Ron, you're cruel enough, but I still think we can have a talk first. We can call the police after we talk about it. People need to leave a way for their future. What if we reach an agreement?"

Ron didn't say anything. He just turned around, pushed the door open and walked into his office.

Miss Mei followed him quickly.

"What do you w

ically agree with him.

But Miss Mei didn't deserve it.

Without any hesitation, Ron snorted and said, "Every woman who wants to enter a wealthy family needs to relay on a baby to keep her position. According to the tradition of our country, a mother's position depends on her son."

Ron's meaning was very clear. He meant what Miss Mei said was nonsense.

Miss Mei smiled, "Mr. Ron, I don't need to say anything more. Now that you have said, a mother's position depends on her son. Then I want a baby of yours. If you can have a baby with me, I will tell you the whereabouts of your parents."

"I've seen shameless people, but I've never seen someone like you."

Ron said rather cruelly, "Don't think you can threaten me just because you know something useful. You have to know that you can't go out of my company today unless you tell me the whereabouts of my parents."

"Mr. Ron, I'm not a stupid woman. Since I dare to come here, I'm fully prepared. In a factory abroad, your parents were bound with explosives. If I don't leave the Mu's Group in five minutes, the bomb will explode. Ron, I believe my life is worthless for you, but your parents' lives are valuable. So, it's easy for you, a man, to have a baby with me. Think it over and call me at any time. Bye. "

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