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   Chapter 530 I Wanted To Tell You A Secret

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So this was the truth four years ago.

At least it was the truth four years ago that Ms. Tien told her.

Holley remained silent and looked at Ms. Tien coldly like she could see through her heart.

Being stared at by Holley like this, Ms. Tien dodged her eyes. She couldn't help but be afraid of dodging, but she still added, "That's the truth."

"Young Mistress, this woman is talking nonsense. Don't listen to her."

The girl also spoke. She firmly stood in front of Holley and said, "Young Mistress, three years ago, Young Master took me in. I know it's not the case, and the truth is not the same. Young Mistress, you have to believe Young Master. Don't believe this old woman's nonsense."

Seeing no response from Holley, the girl thought for a while and said, "Take this old woman out."

This time, Holley didn't stop the girl. She just sat there and watched Ms. Tien being dragged away indifferently.

After Ms. Tien was dragged away, Holley continued, "Don't hurt her. She was either forced or cheated."

Hearing what Holley said, the girl beside was obviously a little excited. She half squatted beside Holley and said, "Young Mistress, do you mean that you believe in Mr. Ron? Don't you believe that crazy woman's nonsense at all?"

The girl was ecstatic as if she had been trusted.

Holley nodded, "It's a coincidence, but I know that Ron is not an idiot. If my parents' experience and my name can deceive him, then he is not Ron. Besides, Ms. Tien knows too little. If she knew more, she wouldn't have lied to me like this.

I thought she would tell a very advanced lie, but I didn't expect it to be so simple."

Holley sighed and shook her head.

Ms. Tien or Miss Holley of the Mei family knew little about it.

If they knew that Fabian who had been keeping an eye on Holley all the time in the past years, they would probably think of another lie to stimulate her.

If Ron had really misunders

ut Holley's pregnancy. It'd better be a secret, at least temporarily.

Otherwise, what happened four years ago would be repeated. Maybe this time it was not simple as what happened four years ago.

Perhaps it was Holley who didn't trust the secret guard who said that she was sent by Ron to protect her, so she said this to test the girl.

It was good that Holley didn't trust the girl. She was alert enough, and no one else could easily hurt her.

As for the fake pregnancy, since Holley took the initiative to say it, he might as well take advantage of the current to protect his little wife.

"I have already known what you said."

Then Ron hung up the phone and continued his meeting.

When Ron hung up the phone.

In an ordinary rental house in N City, Miss Mei also put down her headphones.

'Holley, you are pretending to be pregnant.

I thought you really had a baby.

To be honest, if you have a baby, I may not be able to take Mr. Ron back.

But you are pretending to be pregnant. You are so stupid to compete for favor.

I guess you must want to remarry Mr. Ron in the name of pregnancy.

But unfortunately, you haven't remarried.

Holley, I want to thank you for not being pregnant. Mr. Ron is mine, because I know the whereabouts of his parents.

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